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How do I use the De-Authorization Tool for The Sims 3?

The Sims 3 has a limited number of computers where it can be installed at any time. By de-authorizing a machine you are allowing one of those limited spots to be freed up and therefore should be able to install the game on a new computer without further issues.

To use the in-game de-authorization tool for The Sims 3, follow the steps below:

De-authorization applies only to digitally downloaded copies of The Sims 3. The retail disk version of The Sims 3 requires the disk in the drive to launch and play the game, and does not use DRM with machine limitations.

  1. Open The Sims 3 Launcher on the computer you wish to de-authorize.
  2. Click on the Game Updates button on the lower left-hand corner of the window.
  3. Click on the De-authorize This Machine button.
  4. De-Authorize This Machine option in the Game Updates pop-up.
  5. You will be asked to confirm de-authorization, click OK.

You should get a message alerting you de-authorization was successful once the Launcher is finished de-authorizing your machine. Keep in mind de-authorization does not uninstall the game. If you decide you want to re-authorize your computer later, all you have to do is re-launch the game.

Learn more about how de-authorization works.

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