So you’ve accidentally made a duplicate EA Account. Don’t worry, it’s happened before. There are a few ways we can help you out.

Can’t log in to your account?

If you don’t have access to your old email address anymore and can’t reset your password, learn how to contact us and what we'll need to help you out.

Did you accidentally make a new account with your main email address? You can swap your email address to the EA Account you have that has all of your games on it.

  1. Create a new email address. You’ll use this to free up your main email address from the new EA account you created.
    • You can make the email whatever you’d like. It’s just going to be a placeholder so that you can use it to free up your email for your main account. For example,
    • Have another email already? You can use that one instead.
  2. Log in to the new, accidental EA Account you made with your main email address linked to it. That means if your main email address is, use that one to log in.
  3. Change the email address to the new email you created ( in your EA Account and Billing settings.
    • Do you get an error that your email is invalid when you try to change it? That means that it might already be used on another account. Try logging in to that account instead, or use a different email.
  4. Now log in to your main EA Account, the one with your games on it, and change the email to your main one.

Once you’ve updated your email address, we’ll send you an email asking you to verify it. Click the link in the email to verify that you made the change.

If you have a Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ account that uses the same email as your EA Account, you’ll need to accept the email address change — check your email for more details as you follow the steps below.

Tip: We recommend using an email address that you’ll always have access to. Private email domains, like email addresses you get from school or work, might expire when you graduate or leave your company.

Free providers, like Yahoo or Gmail, let you recover your account and password more easily if you ever need to.

Do you have another EA Account somewhere that’s got all of your games on it? If you log in and don’t see your games or one of your connected personas, you probably do.

We’d love to help you get all your games on to one account, but it isn’t always easy.

All of the data (including saves and achievements) you’ve got on your account from playing our games is stored in our cloud. The cloud is linked to your EA Account. If you move a game from one account to another, you’ll be able to play the game—but the data still stays linked to the other EA Account, and so do your saves.

What even is the cloud though?

Some of our games let you save your progress to our cloud. That means that you can access your games and saves from other computers or consoles, as long as you’re signed in to your account. If we move your game from one account to another, you’ll lose access to your cloud saves.

It’s like if you were playing a game on your friend’s computer, using their EA Account. Then you go home, log in to your own account, and buy the game. You have to start over, right?

Moving your game from one account to the other has the same effect.

Find out more information about persona transfers in our article about them.

Transfer restrictions

Learn how to unlink your personas from your EA Account and the risks that come along with unlinking.

You cannot move your games or personas to another account yourself. If you decide you really want to merge your accounts, you’ll have to contact us to do that.

  • When you talk to one of our advisors, we’ll make sure there’s no better way to solve this for you. We’ll try all we can before we make changes that could put your game saves at risk.
  • If it comes down to doing the transfer for you, we’ll remind you of the risks. We’ll ask you to agree to a disclaimer that tells you that we cannot reverse a transfer.
  • Games cannot be transferred if one of the accounts has any type of ban on it. That includes bans for a persona, a game, or the whole account.
  • If a game is rated PEGI 16, 18, or ESRB M, we can’t move it to a child’s account.
  • We also cannot transfer a game from a child account to an adult account if a child is going to play it. If your child wants to play the game themselves, it will need to stay on their account.
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