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See how to improve your Players and team in FIFA Mobile using Skill Boosts, Player leveling, Chemistry, and training materials.

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Consider Team OVR

Your Team OVR is the average of ranks, Boosts, and the OVR of the Players on your team. Adding higher-rated Players will improve your team's chances to win.

The Highest OVR button swaps your lower-rated Players with the highest OVR reserve Players, giving you the best chance of success.

Get new Players

Earn new Players by opening Packs in the Store and completing Campaigns and Events.

You can also buy and sell Players from the Market.

Swap Players

  • Tap any Player on your lineup to show their attributes, Chemistry, and display your replacement Players.
  • Drag better Players from your reserve into the starting position to improve your team.
  • Bring on a pacey winger to threaten your opponent’s tired defenders or swap out your exhausted box-to-box midfielder with new substitutions.
  • Set up to 7 subs in your My Team. You can also toggle the Suggested Sub option to get automatic subs suggestions during your match.

    My Team Substitutes menu showing selected and suggested subs during matches.

  • A timer will begin in the top-right corner with the suggested sub, which you can cancel if you don't want to make the change.
  • Make on-the-fly substitutions by pulling up the Substitutes menu. Set your bench of 7 subs before kickoff, and make up to 3 subs during a match

Change your Players’ positions

By using the same in-game substitution menu, move Players to different positions within your formation. 

For example, bring your towering center back up to striker for a final stoppage time goal push. You can move all Players around your formation, except goalkeepers.

Choose your Set Piece Takers and Captain

Choose the right Players to take your set pieces and take full advantage of any dead ball situation. In the My Team menu, choose your set piece takers and your Captain.

You can choose the following:

  • Penalty Taker
  • Short Free Kick
  • Long Free Kick
  • Left Corner Taker
  • Right Corner Taker
  • Captain

Set Pieces in My Team menu showing selected Set Piece takers and captain.

Set Piece Takers and Captain choices will affect VS Attack, Head to Head, League Tournaments, and AI Matches. These choices do not affect players that participate in various Skill Games.

Compare attributes

Drag and hold a Player over the Drag & Drop slot to compare the attributes of two Players.

  • Green attributes indicate the reserve Player is better in an area.
  • Red attributes indicate the reserve Player is worse.

Attributes can make a big difference in how you play, so keep an eye out for the attributes you value the most.

Swap player menu shows two players comparing their attributes.

Choose the best formations

Change your team's formation inside the My Team screen. The active formation determines the positions of your starting 11. Each formation has a unique set of playstyles, so try them all to see which one suits your team.

Formations also impact your Boosts. If you don’t have the right Players, Boosts won’t work to their full potential.

How do I unlock formations? You’ll unlock more formations as you Level Up.

Train Players

Each Player is worth a certain amount of Training XP.

  • Filling up the Training XP bar for a Player gives you the option to increase their OVR and attributes.

    Training Upgrade menu showing player's training level and upgrade costs.

  • You can use other Players from the same position group (ATT, MID, DEF, and GK) to use as Training XP. You’ll then be able to level up your Player.
  • Every 5 Levels, Rank Up your Player by using a position-specific Rank Item to get a +1 OVR boost.

Training Level view showing attributes based on position.

Learn more about how to train your Players here.

Transfer training

Transfer your training Ranks between Players. Take the Ranks or OVR boost from one Player to another Player with less training, regardless of Player OVR. This will cost either a Transfer Item or FIFA Points.

Heads-up: Using reserve Players for training will discard them from the Club.

You can Boost your Players to increase their OVR and attributes by leveling up Skill Boosts.

Each Player has a Skill Boost attached that provides increased attributes.

A full Skill Boost bonus is applied when the Player is in position, and a partial Boost is applied at an alternate position. No Boosts are applied if Players are too far away from their native position.

Level up your Skill Boost

Level up your Skill Boost by collecting duplicates to increase the provided bonuses. Get more Skill Boosts to increase the attributes provided.

Many Players share the same Skill Boost, so leveling up will provide bonuses for all affected Players.

Rank Up Skill Boosts

Once a Skill Boost reaches max level you can Rank Up, increasing your team's OVR directly.

The Rank Up bonus for each Skill Boost is added for each on position Player with that Skill Boost, so it's a very powerful way of improving your Team OVR.

Chemistry lets you use Players with similar backgrounds to gain advantages on the pitch. Players in the same Clubs, Leagues, or who are the same nationality give Chemistry Points to all linked Players.

The total Team Chemistry impacts your team's performance in VS Attack and Head to Head.

Find out more about Chemistry in FIFA Mobile here.

The best way to contact us is by creating an in-game ticket. This sends us through details about your account and means we can help you faster.

  1. On the home screen, tap the Settings cogwheel in the top right corner.
  2. Find Customer Service on the list, and tap Visit.
  3. Follow the instructions on-screen to contact us.

If you can’t log into the game, we’ll ask for your User ID when you contact us, so make sure you have it handy.

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