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Learn about Stadium Items and how to use them to customize your FIFA Ultimate Team™ (FUT) Club’s appearance in FIFA 23.

Stadium Items and Bundles are an additional layer of customization in FIFA Ultimate Team™ (FUT) and do not replace other ways of getting other Stadium Items.

You can get these Items and Bundles by using FUT Coins or FIFA Points, for a limited window of time which is indicated above the Item/Bundle. You can also preview what the Bundle contents look like or how the Stadium Items will appear in your Stadium before you decide to get them.

Stadium Items include, but are not limited to Kits, Tifos, and Stadium Themes.

You can equip Stadium Items to your Club to customize its visual appearance.

Here’s how to customize your Club’s appearance in FIFA 23:

  1. Enter FUT.
  2. Head to the Club tab.
  3. Select and enter the Stadium tile.

FIFA 23 FUT Club menu with the Stadium tile highlighted.

How to get a Stadium Item or Stadium Item Bundles from the FUT Store

  1. Enter FUT.
  2. Select and enter the Store.
  3. Select the Stadium tab.
  4. Select the Stadium Item or Bundle you want to get.

You can get Stadium Items and Bundles with either FUT Coins or FIFA Points, depending on the Item or Bundle. Some will only be available using FUT Coins.

How to search for Stadium Items on the FUT Transfer Market

  1. Enter FUT.
  2. Select and enter the Transfers tile.
  3. Select and enter the Transfer Market.
  4. Select the Stadium tab.
  5. In the Quality tile, select the desired Quality.
  6. In the Club Item Type tile, select what kind of Item you’re looking for.
  7. Search to see the results.

Can I buy the same Stadium Item or Bundle more than once?

No, you can only get one of each Stadium Item or Bundle from the FUT Store. Once you get that Item or Bundle, you’ll no longer see it in the Store.

However, there is a way of getting duplicate Items. Sometimes you’ll get the same Item you got from an individual Stadium Item in a future Bundle

Are Stadium Items that you can get from the FUT Store tradeable?

Some Stadium Items from the FUT Store are tradeable on the Transfer Market just like other tradeable Items, while others are not. For untradeable Items and Bundles, the menu will show a blue banner above the Item or Bundle in the Store.

A FIFA 23 Stadium Item in the New Item list menu shows as an Untradeable Item with a blue banner message in the top-right corner.

Will Stadium Items that I own carry over from FIFA 23 into other games?

No, the Stadium Items you have in FIFA 23 cannot be transferred to other titles.

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