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Learn about the modes in VOLTA FOOTBALL: VOLTA SQUADS, VOLTA BATTLES, and VOLTA ARCADE. See how to play and earn rewards, and find out how matchmaking works.

In FIFA 22, VOLTA FOOTBALL is composed of three modes that can be accessed from the first tile on the VOLTA FOOTBALL main menu. The modes are:


VOLTA SQUADS is an online 5v5 (4 human Avatars per team + 1 CPU AI goalkeeper) mode that can be played either solo or with up to three friends. Express your flair and compete to grow your Avatar, complete Objectives, earn rewards, and progress through the VOLTA SEASON.

VOLTA SQUADS match types are randomly selected from:

  • Futsal
  • Walls
  • No walls.

VOLTA BATTLES are limited time events with matches against CPU AI squads that are generated from community and featured Squads.

On the VOLTA BATTLES screen, you can initially select one of four available opponents in a Community Battles match. Community Battles opponents are CPU AI-controlled squads generated by real VOLTA FOOTBALL players. You can select Refresh All to get a new batch of opponents.

Once you earn enough Battle Points (more on that below) during an event, the VOLTA BATTLE becomes unlocked. This match features a custom CPU AI-Controlled squad that can get you more XP and VOLTA COINS.

You can see your event progress on the main VOLTA BATTLES screen, which includes tabs for Opponent Select and Reward Progress. You can earn VOLTA BATTLE rewards by meeting certain thresholds on the Reward Progress tab, and by completing the VOLTA BATTLE.

Once a VOLTA BATTLES event ends, your progress will be reset for the next one.

Battle Points

VOLTA BATTLES matches earn you Battle Points (BP) which are used to determine event progress. When selecting an opponent, the amount of Battle Points that can be earned per difficulty level is displayed on screen. Here’s the breakdown, assuming you win the match:

  • Beginner = 250 BP
  • Amateur = 350 BP
  • Semi-Pro = 450 BP
  • Professional = 550 BP
  • World Class = 650 BP
  • Legendary = 750 BP

VOLTA ARCADE brings you a whole new way to play FIFA online solo or with friends. It’s a weekend-only, free-for-all, lighthearted bash where you and up to three other players can compete across a series of all-new Party Games, including Foot Tennis, Dodgeball, and more.

Here’s how it works:

  • Group with three additional players, including friends and/or other players from the VOLTA FOOTBALL Community.
  • Play a tournament consisting of four randomly selected 2v2 and free-for-all Party Games.
  • Earn points based on your performance in each Party Game.
  • Score the most points across all four Party Games to win the tournament.
  • Earn VOLTA COINS and VOLTA SEASON XP for participating.

There are six party games available at launch. To see them in action, check out the VOLTA FOOTBALL Deep Dive for FIFA 22.

When is VOLTA ARCADE open?

VOLTA ARCADE is typically available on weekends. Select the mode from the first tile in the VOLTA FOOTBALL menu to see when the next VOLTA ARCADE event is going to happen.

How do I invite friends and recent teammates to my group?

  2. Select either VOLTA SQUADS or VOLTA ARCADE from the first tile.
  3. Press the button for Invite Friends in the center and bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  4. Select a friend or recent teammate to invite.

How does matchmaking work?

Solo matchmaking in VOLTA FOOTBALL and VOLTA ARCADE is based on your location. This determines which FIFA game data center location will be used when matchmaking. 

Playing with friends? The lobby Captain’s location is used for matchmaking.


VOLTA SEASONS are events that last approximately 6 weeks, and they can feature exclusive rewards that you can’t get in other ways.

To view your VOLTA SEASONS progress and the available rewards, click in the left stick when at the main VOLTA FOOTBALL menu.

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