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Learn how to send and accept gifts with friends in Apex Legends.

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Gifting in Apex Legends lets you send and receive items like skins, banners, and more to your friends. Learn more about the update on

Send gifts in Apex Legends

To send your friend a gift, you need to:

Receive gifts in Apex Legends

To get gifts from a friend, you need to:

You can gift either single items or bundles of Legend and weapon skins, charms, and more.

You can’t gift Apex Coins. At this time you also can’t gift Thematic Packs Collection Event Items either as a single gift or bundle at this time, but look out for this in future updates.

What if my friend already has an item I want to gift them?

You can’t gift your friend an item they already own as a single item.

If you give them a bundle with an item your friend already owns, you’ll be given a discount on the bundle and they'll get any other items they don't already own.

To view the discounted amount, open the gifting window and click on your friend’s name. The Apex Coin total will update and be discounted based on what item(s) your friend already has.

Can I use crafting metals or Legend tokens to get gifts for friends?

No, you can only buy gifts with Apex Coins.

Can I gift an item from my inventory?

No, you can’t gift items from your inventory. You need to buy any gifts with Apex Coins.

I want to cancel my gift.

Gifts are final and non-refundable. Make sure you’re gifting to the right account on the right platform. Before sending your friend a gift, check that their account isn’t banned.

Remember—all purchases are final.

Make sure you’re sending your gift to the correct account on the correct platform. If you send it to the wrong person, even if they’re banned, we may not be able to help.

The Gift button appears next to the Purchase button on items or bundles.

  1. From the lobby, go to the Store.
  2. Find the item or bundle you want to gift.
  3. Click Gift.
    • If you haven’t turned on Login Verification, you’ll need to set that up on your account now. A pop-up with a QR code will appear and walk you through setting that up.
  4. Choose your friend from the friend list.
  5. Confirm the final Apex Coin amount and click Gift.
  6. Under Unlock with, click on the Apex Coins to buy the gift.
  7. The message will read as Success to confirm you sent your gift.

Gifts are automatically added to your inventory after your friend sends them. You don’t have to do anything to accept them.

The News (world) icon will have an alert message when you receive a new gift.

To see what they sent you, you can check your inbox.

  1. From the lobby, you’ll see a notification saying You have a new gift.
  2. Click on the News icon underneath the notification.
  3. Click on the Inbox tab at the top of the screen.
  4. To see the gift and who it was from, click Check gift.
  5. Click Continue to be taken back to your inbox.

I didn’t get my gift

Gifts will be added to your inventory automatically and you’ll get a notification in your inbox.

If you’re not seeing your gift, try going back to the lobby, then back to your inventory, to find your gift.

Login Verification didn’t work

Go to your EA Account Security settings and confirm Login Verification is turned on.

If you still aren’t able to buy the gift after turning on Login Verification, restart your game and try again.

Not enough Coins

You need to buy more Apex Coins before you can send your friend a gift.

My friend shows as ineligible

Your friend may show as ineligible if:

  • you haven’t been in-game friends with them for at least two weeks,
  • your friend’s account isn’t in good standing,
  • you may also be unable to send gifts due to regional requirements.

Can’t find friend in list

Your friend may need to accept your friend request in-game. You can’t send gifts until they do.

If you’re playing on PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam you need to make sure you are friends in-game, not just on the platform.

0 gifts left

You can only send five gifts total every 24-hour period. You’ll get this error if you’ve maxed out your gifts in a 24-hour period and will need to wait before you can send more.

Server error

This can happen when there’s a game or server issue. You’ll need to wait until it’s fixed before trying to send a gift again.

You can check the server status by going to the Apex Legends EA Help page.

Still need help?

You can also talk to one of our advisors via phone, chat, or email by clicking Contact Us on any EA Help page. Have the item or bundle name you gifted and when you sent it ready, if you can.

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