Learn how to compete in Apex Legends Ranked, how matchmaking works, and how to earn Ranked Points (RP).

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A coral play icon.Watch our video guide on how Ranked works.

Ranked is a competitive mode that lets you play with other players at a similar rank. You need to be Level 20 or higher to access it.

Over time, you can rank up and play in higher tiers. Your rank will reset at the start of, and around halfway through, each Season. You’ll earn rewards when the Season ends.

Matchmaking is based on your current  Ranked Points (RP).

  • When you play Ranked for the first time, you’ll start at 1 RP.
  • If you played Ranked last Season, you’ll start at a reset point determined by the rank you reached at the end of the last Season.

Matches will become harder as your RP increases. Learn more about matchmaking updates here.

Each rank is split into four divisions—for example, Bronze IV, Bronze III, Bronze II, and Bronze I. To progress through these divisions, you need to earn Ranked Points (RP). You’ll get RP based on your performance within a Ranked game.

The amount of RP you need to get to the next division increases as you become a higher rank. To get to the next division of each rank, you need to earn:

  • Rookie: 250 RP
  • Bronze: 500 RP
  • Silver: 600 RP
  • Gold: 700 RP
  • Platinum: 800 RP
  • Diamond: 900 RP.

This means you’ll need to get 500 RP to level up from Bronze II to Bronze I.

If you play Apex Legends on different platforms (for example, on both PC and console) you’ll progress through Ranked separately on each platform.

This means you could be Bronze rank on one platform but Gold on another.

For more info on playing Apex Legends on different platforms, check out our Cross Progression article.

What are the Apex Legends ranks?

Apex Legends ranks include Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator.

  • Bronze.
  • Silver.
  • Gold.
  • Platinum.
  • Diamond.
  • Master.

Once you’re Master rank, you can earn the title of Apex Predator. Apex Predators are the top 750 players per platform in the Master rank.

What is the Rookie tier?

The Rookie tier is an introductory tier for new players to learn about Ranked mode. It doesn’t have any rewards tied to it and it’s a safe space to get you up and running in Battle Royale.

How do I earn Ranked Points?

You earn Ranked Points (RP) for: 

  • how many players you kill 
    • The higher you place in a match, the more each of your kills will be worth.
  • your skills, like killing stronger players or getting a streak of top-five placements
  • where you place in a match. You get more RP for higher placements.

You don’t get RP for heals or revives—only assists and kills.

Each Ranked match costs RP to enter, and you’ll earn RP back when you place in the top half of a match. Match entry cost increases depending on the rank that you're currently in:

  • Rookie/Bronze: 0 RP
  • Silver: 20 RP
  • Gold: 40 RP
  • Platinum: 60 RP
  • Diamond: 80 RP
  • Master/Predator: 100 RP.

Why did I end a match with fewer Ranked Points than I started?

Because of the RP cost of entering a match, you could end up with fewer points than you started.

Scoring RP in Apex Legends is determined by a combination of placement, eliminations, and bonuses, which are based on skill.


Refers to the position your team finished in out of the 20 teams that entered the game. You score more points the higher your team places.


You get Elimination bonuses when you kill other players. We use your personal individual kills and assists to calculate your rewards.

  • A kill or assist counts as one kill.
  • If your team kills another player without you doing any damage to that player, you’ll earn half a kill. This is called a participation.
  • The value of each of your kills, assists, and participations is based on your final placement. The higher you place, the more each kill is worth.
  • After you have more than 6 kills, the value of each kill, assist, and participation you make is halved.


You get an RP bonus when your team eliminates a higher-ranked opponent or is on a placement streak.

  • If you kill a player who's a higher rank than you, you’ll get an extra 50% of that final kill value as a bonus. Your placement determines the final value of your kills.
  • You get bonuses when you’re on a streak of top-five placements.
    • For example, the second time you place in the top five in a row, you’ll get 10 RP. For the third time, you’ll get 20 RP, for the fourth time, you’ll get 30 RP and for the fifth time, you’ll get 40 RP.
    • If you keep your streak after five games, you’ll get 40 RP each time.
    • If you place lower than the top 5, you’ll have to restart your streak.

Heads-up that scoring may change with every new Season, so be sure to stay up to date with the latest Apex news.

Ranked splits, or rank resets, happen twice per Season: once at the start and once at the announced split for the Season. Ranked splits reset the amount of RP you have.

  • When your rank resets at the start of the Season, your progress will be fully reset back to 1 RP.
    • If you were in the Rookie tier last Season, you’ll be reset to 1 RP.
    • If you got out of the Rookie tier last Season, you’ll be reset to the start of Bronze IV.
  • The Ranked split that happens midway through the Season is a partial reset of RP. The split reset amount varies from Season to Season.

At the start of the next Season, you’ll get the rewards for the highest rank you achieved over the course of the last Season. Your highest rank can be taken from either the first or second split.

This Season, you’ll get an animated version of the Season-end reward badge if you match or surpass the rank you achieved in the first split.

If you don’t get the same or a higher rank in the second split, you’ll get a normal version of your badge.  

All players in a premade Ranked squad have to be within three ranks of each other. If they aren’t, matchmaking will fail. This prevents boosting and helps keep the competition fair.

Rank restrictions apply to all premade squads, including Duos and Trios. You’ll be matched against other squads using the highest RP value in your premade squad.

If you want more info about the rules in Apex Legends, read more here.

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