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Want to test all of the newest and latest features that the Origin client has to offer? Make sure you opt in to technical preview.

What’s technical preview?

Previously called Origin beta updates, you can now enable technical preview to see what’s new with Origin first.

We're always looking to bring new features to Origin, and you have the option to opt-in, or access, these updates when we release them. This helps us make sure Origin is working right across all kinds of configurations.

The opt-in process is as simple as toggling a switch. You can turn on Origin technical preview by following these steps:

  1. Launch and sign in to the Origin client.
  2. Select Application Settings from the Origin menu.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Application tab and find the Client update section.
  4. Toggle the switch to On next to Participate in Origin technical previews.

If you switch your settings from On to Off, uninstall and reinstall the Origin client to make sure you're running the regular version of Origin. If you switch from Off to On, all you need to do is restart the Origin client to let it check for updates.

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