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Go head-to-head against other players in Arena. Oh, but the game has a time limit. Can you earn the most points to win before the clock expires?

What kind of rewards do I get for playing Arena?

  • You can get Crowns and these help you climb Leaderboards.
  • You can get prize packages after Tournaments based on your rank. Prizes are usually Gems or Coins.

Tap the i button on the Leaderboard to see the maximum possible rewards and what rewards you currently have.

Where is the Arena button?

  1. Head to the map of the world.
  2. Tap on the back button on the top-left of the screen.
  3. Tap this button again to see Arena Island, then tap Arena Island to begin.
    • You can also tap on the Play button from the profile screen to see Arena Island.

How do I win?

Get the highest score. You’ll see the scores on the meter near the top of the screen. Boxing gloves will move back and forth based on the who has the highest score.

The leader when time is up wins!

What if I go on a win streak?

The longer your win streak, the more rewards you get. The better the streak, the better the rewards!

See win streak prizes on the bottom of the Arena screen. Rewards get better in higher Leagues.

I just lost. What happens to my win streak?

It goes back to zero.

Spend Gems to keep your win streak alive and win another Arena level to get more win streak prizes.

I just logged in and a new Tournament started. What happened to my win streak?

Just like Tournament Leaderboards, we reset win streaks every week to keep the game fair. 

Come back each week for a new Tournament and chance to win rewards!

Do I lose if zombies get to my house?

Nope! Lawn mowers have an infinite respawn, but the zombies these lawn mowers kill aren’t worth any points.

Can I play Arena offline?

It’s currently only available online.

Make sure you have a strong and reliable internet connection to play.

How can I get a higher score?

Two ways:

  • Kill the zombies that are furthest away from your house.
  • Level up your plants. Higher level plants kill zombies faster.

When levels end, see what plants your opponents are using how much they’re leveling up. That will give you ideas to improve your own score and help you scout other players.

Tap the How to Play button on the Arena screen for a more in-depth guide.

Can I play against friends?

Since players are chosen at random, you can’t pick your opponent.

How do I enter a Tournament?

You have to have at least 10 plants unlocked to enter a Tournament. Arena Island is greyed out if you need to unlock more plants. The game-screen will show you how many plants you need.

You can also use Free Plays or spend Gauntlets to enter Tournaments. One Free Play is available every four hours. Spend Gauntlets if you don’t want to wait for a new Free Play.

How do I get more Gauntlets?

Watch ads or spend Gems to buy them at the in app-store.

Why can’t I use some of my plants in Arena?

We’re adding an extra layer of challenge by locking plants on certain levels.

How do Leagues work?

You start in the Soil League.

The top three players from a leaderboard get promoted at the end of a Tournament and get to go on to the next League.

Leaderboard positions are based on how many Crowns you’ve gained from playing Arena. The top of the leaderboard shows how long until the current Tournament ends.

The League ended and I’m in a lower one. What gives?

If you’re in one of the last three spots, you’ll go to the League below. Don’t worry, you’ll still get end-of-Tournament rewards (except in Soil League).

How do I move up the Leaderboard?

Win Arena and earn more Crowns!

How do I look at Leaderboards?

Tap on the i button on the Leaderboards to see all of the Leagues and their maximum end-of-Tournament rewards.

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