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Learn how to unlock and build the Boardwalk Beach for your SimCity BuildIt citizens.

Beach anchor icon  The temperature is rising – it’s summer in the city. Unlock the Beach Specialization to let your citizens cool off and have fun on the Beach Boardwalk.

Unlock SimCity’s Boardwalk Beach

Tap the shoreline next to your Cargo Dock to see which sea-themed Special Items are required to unlock your first Beach area. Accumulate the necessary Items from opinion bubbles, tap ‘Expand’ to confirm, and the first section of palm-tree-lined Beach Boardwalk will appear. If you don’t have the heart to listen to your citizens’ opinion bubbles (sad times, Mayor!) you can buy missing Special Items for SimCash.

Boardwalk Beach shoreline

Boat wheel icon Snorkel mask icon Lifesaver icon

Unlock more of your Beach by collecting more sea-themed Special Items. Beach expansion areas must be unlocked in order, so tap the next zone to the right to see what you need.

Beach Specialization buildings

Congratulations Mayor, you’ve unlocked some prime, seafront real estate in which to expand your city. Check out which Beach Specialization buildings you can build on your shoreline by tapping the Beach icon in your Specializations menu.

Please note - your shoreline is the only area in your city you can place these exclusive Beach Specialization buildings, and the Beach Specialization is the only building type you can place on your shoreline too.

Boardwalk Beach buildings

Decorate Boardwalk Beach

Get Boardwalk Beach buildings

Most Beach buildings are purchasable with Golden Keys. Start collecting Keys by successfully completing Air or Sea Cargo Shipments or rebuilding your city if Disaster strikes. Alternatively, you can drag the chosen Specialization building onto your city then exchange your SimCash for any Keys needed.

Beach building boosts

What would you like to see on your Beach? An Aquarium? A Lifeguard Tower? Maybe even Bluebeard’s Ship. Just like other Specialization buildings, each Beach building gives a valuable population boost to residential buildings nearby. Tap each building to see what effect it will have.

  • Area – How much of your city will receive a population boost from this building? The bigger, the better.
  • Population boost – How many new residents will eagerly move to the area surrounding this building? It will increase the population by the percentage shown.
  • Building price – What will it cost to get the building up and running?
  • Requirements – What level must you reach before this building unlocks? Is there a population number you need to hit? Is there another Beach building that must be built beforehand? Any necessary requirements will be listed here.

Moving buildings and attractions on your beach

As space on the Beach is precious, to reorder your Beach buildings just get them to swap places. Tap and hold any building, then slide it along your shoreline to its new position. Any buildings that were previously there will automatically change their position.

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