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Every city needs a superhero. Maxis Man is here to protect you.

Maxis Man icon.

When the time is right (and after you build Vu Tower), Maxis Man will start appearing in your city with helpful tips. He will also lend a helping hand to fight crime in your city, keep your citizens healthy, and protect them from fire.

Watch out for Maxis Man’s super cool car driving out of his Maxis Manor - that means he is on a mission.

What are Maxis Manor buildings?

Maxis Manor.

Maxis Manor buildings are special Health, Fire, and Police buildings where Maxis Man can find the perfect abode so he can help around your city.

You can build up to four Maxis Manor buildings. They can all be the same type, or different types like two Police, one Health, and one Fire Maxis Manor building?

It’s all up to you and your citizens’ needs.

How do I place Maxis Manor buildings?

You can find Maxis Manor buildings in the Health, Fire, or Police menus (Services menu). You can purchase these special buildings using SimCash.

How do I buy Vu items from Maxis Man?

Tap on the Vu item bubbles on top of the Maxis Manor buildings (Vu’s battery, Vu’s remotes, Vu’s gloves) to see the offer.

Tap I’ll do it! to buy the item using Simoleons or tap on No, thanks to reject it.  

There is a cooldown time until the next Vu item is available for sale at one of the Maxis Manors, so be patient.

Are there other Maxis Man items?

Build the Maxis Man Statue for free.

Happy to have a superhero in your city? Honor your hero and build the Maxis Man Statue. Find it in the Specialization menu under Landmarks.

The Maxis Man Statue boosts your population just like other Specialization buildings and will remind your citizens of the hero who keeps them safe.

Better yet, it’s completely free to build.

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