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Had your eye on an item in Apex Legends, but haven’t gotten it from a pack yet? Learn more about crafting metals and how to craft in-game items.

Like many games, Apex Legends allows you to “craft” in-game items using certain materials. In Apex Legends, you can use Crafting Metals gained by opening packs to make things you’ve had your eye on.

List of Apex Legends currencies with Crafting Metals at the top.

There are four different rarities of Crafting Metals that you can pull from Apex Packs, and they correspond to different amounts.

Crafting Metal levels

  • Common – 15
  • Rare – 30
  • Epic – 200
  • Legendary – 600

You can craft most everything in the game, but there are some exceptions. You can’t craft:

  • New characters
  • Apex Packs
  • Legend Coins/Apex Coins

Crafting in Apex Legends is a fairly straightforward process. All you have to do is navigate to the item you would like to craft in the Inventory menu. Choose the specific item you would like to craft and click Craft.

Find an item you want under the Armory tab (weapon skins) or while looking at a specific Legend (Legend skins, banners, etc.).

Selecting a weapon skin to craft.

Select the item you want and click Unlock. Then click Craft with: ... in the crafting window.

Confirmation screen for crafting an item with Crafting Metals.

You should now have your new item! You will notice your Craft Metals total will have adjusted, and the item will no longer be greyed-out/locked.

Screen showing new crafted item.


  • Different items cost different amounts to craft depending on how rare they are. 
    • 30 for Common (Grey)
    • 60 for Blue (Rare)
    • 400 for Purple (Epic)
    • 1200 for Yellow (Legendary)
  • Make sure you have enough Crafting Metals before you try and craft something! If you don’t have enough Crafting Metals to craft what you’d like, you will need to open more Apex Packs.
  • Spent Crafting Metals cannot be refunded.
  • Items cannot be “broken-down” or “un-crafted” to gain Crafting Metals.

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