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Here's how to use Dragon Age Keep to check that you've successfully exported your choices into Inquisition.

Playthrough states appear once you've successfully exported a world state into Dragon Age: Inquisition and have finished character creation.

These states contain both the world state you exported to the game and the decisions you've made so far in Inquisition.

  • To access your playthrough states, open the left-hand menu in the Keep, and click on 'World States.' If you're not sure how to navigate the World States section, check out our step-by-step walkthrough.
  • Main menu.

  • When you enter this section, you'll see 'Editable States.' Use the arrow on the right side to move to the next section, 'Playthrough States.' Or, you can use the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the page.
  • Editable States menu.

  • In the Playthrough States section, you'll see any world states you've exported to the game and played.
    • Current Playthrough represents your most recent save.
    • Saved world states.

  • Click on a playthrough state to see a small preview of the choices and heroes associated with that state. Please note, custom heroes will show as default in this section, as the game does not read hero info beyond gender, class, and race. If the gender, class, and race of the default character matches your custom one, the information was successfully exported.
  • Playthrough 1.

  • You can also add a custom description and name to a playthrough state by clicking the pencil icons. This will help ensure you don't get your playthroughs mixed up. Make sure to hit the check mark to save the name and/or description after you're done.
  • Save and description.

  • To see your playthrough state in full, click 'Copy to Editable.' A pop-up will appear, asking you to save the world state to one of your editable slots. You can also re-name or change the description here.
  • Save and description 2.

  • You can choose to save this state to an empty editable slot, or overwrite an existing world state. Once you press save, return to 'Editable States'(the first section) by pressing the left arrow or using the dropdown menu.
  • Saving playthrough state.

  • Once you're in the 'Editable States' section, you'll see the playthrough state you just copied over in one of the editable slots.
  • Playthrough states library.

  • To view the playthrough state in the Tapestry, you can drag it to the top slot and click Edit in Tapestry.
  • Load or edit.

  • Or, you can click on the state to open a pop-up. To view it in the Tapestry from the pop-up, click 'Load in the Keep.' You can also perform other actions here, like deleting or sharing this playthrough state.
  • Playthrough state options.

  • Once it's loaded in the Keep, you can return to the Tapestry. There, you can double-check that the playthrough state contains the choices you exported into the game.

If the decisions aren't correct, please try exporting your world state again making sure you follow the step-by-step instructions in our exporting guide

Still have questions? Check out AHQ for help from your fellow Keepers or tweet us @DragonAgeKeep.

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