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If you opted in to get EA emails and have been chosen to participate in the FIFA 23 Closed Beta, we’ll email you a code to participate in the Closed Beta. Find out more about accessing the Closed Beta here.

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The FIFA 23 Closed Beta is now over. The game is available to everyone worldwide on September 30, 2022.

For a chance to be added to the FIFA 23 Closed Beta, you need to have been signed up for email notifications.

  1. Go to your EA Account Email Preferences.
  2. Confirm your email under Primary Email is correct. Access to the Closed Beta isn’t guaranteed, but if you’re granted access it’ll be sent to this address.
  3. Check the box under Manage your email preferences.
  4. Get EA emails by clicking the check box under Manage your email preferences.

  5. Click Update.

How will I know I got into the FIFA 23 Closed Beta?

If you’re selected, we’ll send a code to selected FIFA players in the US and the UK who are opted in to get EA emails, to the email address that’s linked to their EA Account.

Emails include a Closed Beta access code for PlayStation or Xbox. The Beta is not available to players on Nintendo Switch, Stadia, or PC.

We send all Beta communication from Add this address as a safe sender to make sure you get our emails. Check your spam, junk, or social folder for any missed email messages from

Some helpful tips:

  • If you’ve changed your email address or no longer have access to the one you used to create your account, swap emails from one account to another.
  • If you can’t remember which email address you’re using for your EA Account, use this article for help finding it.
  • You can also add a secondary email address to your account. This helps you reset your password if you’re locked out of your EA Account and primary email address. You can find the Secondary Email section at the bottom of the Security tab.

The Closed Beta starts on August 11 and ends September 2, 2022.

Not everyone that’s opted in will get an email with a code, and our EA Advisors can’t grant additional codes.

Your Beta code is just for you, and it can only be used on the EA Account that receives the code. It can’t be transferred to another account or shared with another player.

Can I use my friend’s code?

Sharing codes not only goes against our rules, but each Closed Beta code is unique to your account. If you were to redeem someone else’s code, it wouldn’t let you play because each one is tied to one EA Account.

Game modes

We want to get feedback on certain things, so you’ll have access to:

  • Kick-Off
  • Online Seasons
  • Online Friendlies
  • Practice Arena.

Some players will also get access to FUT, Career Mode, VOLTA FOOTBALL or Pro Clubs.

What about PC, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch?

There’s no Closed Beta available for PC, Stadia, or Nintendo Switch players.

Does FIFA 23 Closed Beta progress carry over?

No, your progress won’t carry over to the full game.

We’re looking to gather as much feedback about FIFA 23 during the Closed Beta as possible, so let us know what you think in our FIFA 23 Closed Beta forums on Answers HQ. Only people with access to the Closed Beta can use the forums. You’ll also need to sign in to your EA Account.

If you find a bug, let us know about that on the forums, too. Since this is a Closed Beta, our advisors won’t be able to help troubleshoot anything that might happen while you’re playing, so tell us everything you come across that might be a bug or any problems you have.

If you log in from the FIFA 23 page on Answers HQ, refresh the page to get access to the Beta board.

  • You must be 18 years old or older.
  • You’ll need to have an internet connection and an EA Account to play. You’ll also need to accept the User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and the FIFA 23 Beta Feedback Agreement.
  • It’s against our rules to stream and capture images of Closed Beta gameplay and forums. If you break those rules, you’ll lose access to the Closed Beta and be placed on a no-access list for future opportunities. You may also get a strike on any channels that you stream the Closed Beta from.
  • Our advisors can't give you a code if you don’t get one.
  • Your code is just for you and it can’t be transferred to another account or shared with another player.
  • The Closed Beta is only available to players in the United States and the United Kingdom. There may be some exceptions to this, based on certain feedback we are looking to get.
  • You need an online connection and an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation®Plus to play.

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