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Link your mobile game to your Google Play account, Apple ID, Facebook, or EA Account so you don’t lose your saves.

If you’re playing your EA mobile game without linking to an account for backup, we may not be able to help recover your account.

If the app gets deleted, you lose your device, or your device gets reset, we’ll do everything we can — but we might not be able to restore your content or get your full game back.

We highly recommend that you link your game to one of your accounts so that you can save and recover your content and game if something happens. You can link your game even after you’ve been playing for a while, and you won’t have to start over or lose any progress.

How do I link my account?

You can find out how to link your account from the Settings menu in-game. You’ll also be asked at the start of every game to link to an account.

For each of our mobile games, linking your accounts works a different way. Most of our games link to Google Play if you’re on Android, your Apple Game Center ID if you’re on an Apple device, or Facebook. Some of our games can link to your EA Account to back up your saves, too.

I don’t want to link my accounts. Can I save my progress?

If you choose to keep playing without saving your game progress, these steps do not guarantee that we will be able to help recover your account if anything happens to it. Be safe, play smart, and link your accounts.

If you lose your game saves, you can try our steps to restore lost mobile game progress.

Find your game ID

Write down your game-specific ID. Don’t know how to find it? Pick the game you’re playing for details on how to find it:

Playing UFC Mobile? Contact us straight through the game and we’ll be able to see your ID on our end.



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