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Find out about the features and game modes in NHL® 20 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Features Modes Want more NHL?

The game team's been hard at work enhancing NHL from top to bottom. From faster responses, to smoother transition, read all about the new and improved features in NHL® 20.


Signature shots

We’ve introduced the next innovation in Real Player Motion (RPM)  technology. Superstar Signature Shots allow your favorite NHL players to get the puck on the net using their trademark moves from real life.

Updated animations

Revamped animations mean players no longer slow down when doing things like passing and picking up the puck. Contextual animations make NHL® 20 gameplay feel more lifelike than ever.

Intelligent saves

Finally, goalies are able to more accurately control the puck . In NHL® 20 they can now control the pace of the game with controlled saves, redirects, and a new suite of covers.


Two-man booth commentary

James Cybulski, the new play-by-play announcer, and Ray Ferraro, the main color commentator, take over as announcers. Their back-and-forth banter is sure to make matches sound like the real thing.

New broadcast graphics package

We’ve updated our displays so that you have more space on your screen to smack the puck around. The score clock is now on the bottom of the screen, which also frees up visibility and mimics the tickers you see on TV.

Play of the Game sequences

Celebrate victories and great shots from other players online with the Play of the Game sequence. At the end of every Hockey League and HUT game, we’ll show off one stand-out goal, save, or hit with slow motion and camerawork, making you look great. 

With a new Squad Battle mode and new rewards on the horizon, there’s plenty to get excited about with NHL ® 20.


Here’s what you can expect to see in HUT this year. You can also read a full deep-dive on our NHL HUT game modes .

Squad Battles

  • The fan-favorite mode from EA SPORTS™ FIFA is now available in NHL ® 20.
  • New opponents refreshed every day.
  • Weekly Featured Squads assembled by NHL® players, artists, and athletes from all over.

HUT challenges

  • Updated dynamic content and new rewards.

Online seasons

  • Winning a division title in HUT Online Seasons earns you a coin bonus and Online Seasons Reward Pack.

HUT Competitive Seasons

  • HUT Competitive Seasons returns to NHL ® 20.
  • Compete in a calendar season format.

HUT Champions

  • Compete for prizes every week, Monday to the following Sunday.
  • Join the Weekend Season when you earn a Qualification Collectible
  • Read more on how to compete here.

Draft Champions

  • Choose current and past NHL players to build a team that fits your style.
  • Test your team’s potential in winning the Draft Championship.


CHEL Champions

  • Unlock unique customization rewards, character XP, and more with these new weekly in-game events.


  • Here’s a quick rundown of some of the game modes you can look out for. You can also learn more about them on the World of CHEL .
  • Personalize your character with over 900 new pieces of pond-inspired hockey gear in EA SPORTS™ Hockey League (EASHL).
  • ONES pits you against two other players in a fast, fun 1v1v1 free-for-all.It’s also now available in local multiplayer.
  • THREES now has a drop-in mode, making it easier to pick up and play when it suits you.
  • The new Eliminator mode in ONES and THREEs pits up to 81 players against each other in a battle-royale style tournament.
  • Play offline with the Pros and Hockey Legends in NHL® 20 Pro-Am.
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