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Learn about the changes coming to STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ with the Onslaught digital expansion.

To start Onslaught you must have completed the Ossus storyline on your character. If you haven’t done that, you can pick the [Inflection Point] mission up on your Personal Starship. Complete that mission chain through [Hearts and Minds], and you’re all set to start the newest content—you’ll find the first Onslaught mission in your Log.

We recommend taking time to visit your Crew Skills trainers to learn the next tier of your Crew Skills. This’ll help you develop your Crew Skills as you explore the new worlds Onslaught opens up to you.

As is usual when we make changes to Classes, we have refunded your Utility Points—take a few moments to assign these points before your Character takes on the new content. The Game Update 6.0: Onslaught patch notes have full details on changes to your Class and Discipline.

You’ll see some changes to your Personal Inventory, your Character Sheet, and quite a few changes at your Fleet.

Full details on these are available in the patch notes, but here’s a quick overview.

Increased level cap

The level cap for Subscribers has increased to 75.

Preferred and Free-to-play players can now play Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan, and have a new level cap of 60.

Goodbye Galactic Command, hello Renown

We’ve replaced the Galactic Command system and its tiers, Command Tokens, Command Stash, and Command Crates with a new system called Renown.

  • Any unclaimed items from your Command Stash are now in your Legacy Overflow storage.
  • Command Tokens have been converted into Credits.
  • Command XP boosts have been converted into Credits.
  • Command XP boosts purchased from the Cartel Market have been converted into Renown XP boosts.
  • Unopened Command Crates can still be opened, but the items in them will be different than they were under the Galactic Command system.

How does Renown work?

  • Renown XP works like Command XP. Everyone starts at Renown Rank 0 and begins earning Renown XP at level 75.
  • Premium players who change to Preferred status at level 75 will earn Renown XP at a slower rate than Subscribers.
  • You earn Renown XP for the same things you got Command XP for previously.

However, Renown Ranks are not tiered, and Renown XP boosts are instantly consumed so you don’t need to remember to use them from your Inventory.

You earn a Renown Crate each time you Rank up. The items in each crate are determined by your Discipline and current Character power (your Item Rating—more on this later) at the time you open the crate. Renown Ranks go all the way up to 999, so there’s no need to stockpile your Renown Crates since there are always more on the way. 

More info available on your Character Sheet

You can now see your Renown Rank and your Item Rating below your Character Class on your Character Sheet. You’ll also notice a new slot for a Tactical, and an Amplifiers button. Read on to learn more about these.

An example of the new SW:TOR character sheet showing Renown Rank, Item Rating, Amplifiers and the Tactical slot.

We’ve mentioned Item Rating a couple times already, so let’s break down what it is and what it means for your Character:

What is Item Rating?

Every item you own has an Item Rating. When it comes to your Character, we take the average of all your equipped gear and items to calculate your overall Item Rating. This is the number our system looks at to determine your Character Power when you open a Renown Crate.

To make sure you get the best chance at an upgrade, try to keep all of your equipped gear at around the same Item Rating. If you’re running around with (for example) an offhand weapon with a lower Item Rating than your other gear, it drags your average down and means you’re less likely to get a good upgrade from a Renown Crate.

To make this easier, every item in your inventory with a green arrow in its thumbnail will increase your overall Item Rating if you equip it.

What about drop rates?

Of course, Renown Crates aren’t the only place in-game to get gear. We’ve increased drop rates in general, and there are generous personal loot rewards from Flashpoints and Operations.

Vanquishing the final boss in a Flashpoint or Operation gives your group a chance to roll on a specific item from a set loot table. If you’re looking for that one special piece, check the patch notes to see where you’re most likely to find it.

A screenshot showing SW:TOR characters in Spoils of War gear.


Once you reach a high enough item level on your Character, you’ll begin to earn Tacticals. These items modify your abilities, giving you another way to personalize your character to suit your playstyle. You have one Tactical slot available on your Character Sheet, above your Relic slots.

What about my old gear?

A lot of older items with set bonuses on their Mods and Armorings have changed to include those bonuses in the gear shell instead of in the mods.

If you destroyed your old armor shells, you may now be missing their set bonus, but these older set bonuses will no longer apply at level 75. Even while leveling, the benefits from these old sets are greatly outweighed by the new gear you’ll be earning in Onslaught.

Though set bonuses are now part of the armor shells themselves, you can still customize your gear stats using Mods, Armorings, Enhancements, and Amplifiers.

What’s an Amplifier?

Amplifiers are stats boosts that can be added to a gear piece, a Mod, an Armoring, a Hilt, or a Barrel. The stats bonuses are random and can be recalibrated multiple times for an increasing cost in Credits. Some Amplifiers are combat based, others grant bonuses to Crew Skills (gathering and mission types), and others can earn you XP bonuses.

To add an Amplifier to an item follow these steps.

  1. Click the Amplifiers button on your Character Sheet.
  2. Choose one of your available Amplifiers from the list, then decide whether you want to click on the dice to recalibrate the stats.
    • You’re charged each time you recalibrate, but you’re not obligated to use the new version of the Amplifier if you’d prefer to use the version you had before.

Primary Amplifiers can only be recalibrated four times, others can be recalibrated more often, but don’t lose sight of the Credits you’ll need to spend to do that!

  • We’ve streamlined Currencies in-game. Any Unassembled Components and Command Tokens you had have been converted into Credits.
  • The vendors on the Fleet who used to accept these currencies now sell items for Tech Fragments and Credits.
  • You can get Tech Fragments as drops or by Deconstructing items from your Personal Inventory.
  • The new SW:TOR Personal Inventory and Deconstruction windows.

  • Deconstructing items can also get you Jawa Scraps, which are no longer exclusively available through Cartel Packs.
  • Deconstructing items you were previously able to Reverse Engineer also gives you Crew Skills Materials and a chance at a Schematic.
  • Click the Deconstruct tab at the side of your Personal Inventory window to get started.
  • The Outlander character token has been renamed to the Commander token, and now allows you to create a level 70 character ready to begin the Ossus storyline.
  • Existing unused Outlander tokens in your inventory were converted to Commander tokens.
  • The Master’s Datactron still allows you to boost an existing character to level 70 without excluding you from storylines.
  • The Fleets have been redesigned, and now have a taxi service to get you from sector to sector easily.
  • You’ll see some new vendors on the Fleet—including the Spoils of War vendor who sells items for Tech Fragments and Credits. As long as you’re below the current gear cap, all items this vendor sells will be an upgrade to your current average Item Rating. The items they sell are costly, so spend wisely.
  • Renown Crates don’t include cosmetic items like Command Crates did, but there are new vendors at the Fleet who sell these items instead.
  • If you earned the Dark vs. Light armor set, you’ll find a full set in your Legacy Bank overflow at the launch of Onslaught.
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