Learn how to manage in-game purchasing and add your payment methods when playing EA games on PC, console, or a mobile device.

Many of our games offer additional in-game content outside of what you can already earn through playing. This includes premium (virtual) currency and consumables, like extra energy, additional or enhanced player items, and more.

Keep reading to learn how to manage in-game purchases.

You don’t have to buy in-game content to enjoy our games, but it’s there if you want anything extra. All purchases are always clearly marked.

Console games

If you play games on Xbox or PlayStation, your Xbox Live or PlayStation™Network account has settings to control in-game purchases. We recommend checking out their security and privacy settings so you can set them up as you’d like.

Both Xbox and PlayStation offer online safety and privacy settings, as well as parental controls and family settings. These are important because they help keep you in control of the spending on your account. This can be extra helpful if you share your console with someone else, like roommates, friends and family, or your children.

Find out more about safety, privacy, and parental control settings:

Mobile games

Many of our mobile games are free to download and can be played without spending any money.

You can enable or disable in-game purchases for mobile games. Your Android, Apple iOS, or Windows Phone mobile device lets you restrict in-app purchases through a quick adjustment of settings.

Here’s how:

PC games

You can manage your account and your family’s playtime and spending with the EA app player controls.

Want to control purchases on your teen’s account?

Add your teen’s account to your Household and stay on top of what your teen is buying and playing by setting up player controls.

Child accounts

You can also create an underage EA Account for your child. When logged in to a child’s EA Account, in-game purchases are disabled automatically.

For extra safety, a child’s EA Account can’t use any social or online multiplayer features of our games. Learn more about online access with child accounts.

To make in-game purchases easier and faster on PC games, you can securely save your payment info to your EA Account. All purchases require active confirmation, but you won’t have to enter your payment method details each time. We recommend that you save your payment information only if you want to be able to make repeat purchases using that payment method.

If you don’t want to save your payment info to your account, you can uncheck the Save my billing information to my account for future use box when you make a purchase in our store. Learn more about making purchases, and adding or updating your billing information.

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