Access to certain online features for a child's account depends on the game, platform, and the parental controls that have been set.

Playing with a child account Parental controls Age requirements

To access your child’s EA Account, log in to the EA app using their EA ID instead of their email address.

Their EA ID is the username you set up for them when you created their account.

A coral play icon.Learn more about where to find their EA ID in our YouTube video.

This depends on the platform they’re playing on. Read on to see our breakdown by platform which shows you how you can set up parental control settings. Based on the settings you choose, you may allow your child to access online play.

Teen accounts can play online. If you link your teen’s account to yours, you can set spending and playtime limits for them.

If your child is under 18, you can set parental controls on a platform level which will be followed in our games. For example, if you turn off communication with other players in your platform parental controls, that will also turn off communications with other players in the EA game.

Many of our games will selectively turn off a specific feature based on the parental controls you set. For example, if you turn off multiplayer through the parental controls, your child won’t be able to access that feature in-game. Other games may switch off all online features completely.

You can adjust platform parental controls so your child can only use their teen account to play the single-player, offline modes of an EA game. To learn more about platform parental controls for child and teen accounts, see below.

EA app

Child accounts can't:

  • access online modes on PC or Mac in certain games
  • make purchases - children can’t be EA Play members or use EA Gift cards
  • log in to our websites
  • use companion web apps for games, or use mobile companion apps that need players to log in with an EA Account
  • connect their games to social media or link their accounts to Steam.

Child accounts can:

  • redeem game codes bought by adult players.

Learn how to create an EA Account for your child.


Child EA Accounts can’t link to Steam accounts. This means your child won’t be able to play EA games that need an EA Account to link to Steam.

PlayStation®5 and 4

All EA games follow the PlayStation® 5 and PlayStation® 4 parental controls.


All EA games follow the Xbox family settings.

Nintendo Switch

All EA titles follow the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls.

Mobile games

Many countries have data protection laws that require us to make sure children experience our games in a way that’s appropriate for their age. In some of our mobile games that don’t need an EA Account to play, we ask players their age and then turn off features that may not be appropriate for them. For example, if your child is below the minimum age of digital consent in your country, they won’t be able to connect to social networks and access social features like Chat.

What EA games can my child play online?

If your child can't access the online features of an EA game even though the platform-level parental settings allow them to play online, it may be because the game content is Mature (M). Double-check the age rating on the EA app, or on the cover of the game box.

To see what age is required to play online, check:

View the full list of countries and the minimum age required to upgrade a child account to a teen account.

Learn more about how to go from a child to a teen EA Account.

  • Australia: 13
  • Austria: 14
  • Belgium: 13
  • Bulgaria: 14
  • China: 16
  • Croatia: 16
  • Cyprus: 14
  • Czech Republic: 15
  • Denmark: 15
  • Estonia: 13
  • Finland: 13
  • France: 15
  • Germany: 16
  • Greece: 15
  • Hungary: 16
  • Ireland: 16
  • Italy: 14
  • Japan: 13
  • Latvia: 13
  • Lithuania: 14
  • Luxembourg: 16
  • Malta: 13
  • Norway: 13
  • Poland: 16
  • Portugal: 13
  • Romania: 16
  • Slovakia: 16
  • Slovenia: 16
  • South Korea: 18
  • Spain: 14
  • Sweden: 13
  • The Netherlands: 16
  • United Kingdom: 13
  • United States: 13
  • Rest of EU: 16
  • Rest of the world: 13

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