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See how the Alliance system in Anthem works, and how you and your friends can earn Coin for each other every week.

Everything that earns you XP in Anthem also earns you Alliance XP.

With Alliance XP, you can level up through Alliance tiers each week and earn Coin rewards for yourself and the other players in your Alliance.

Here’s how it works:

  • You earn Alliance XP equal to your regular XP on expeditions.
  • Alliance XP has multiple tiers: the more you play, the more Coin you can earn for the other players in your Alliance. 
  • On the End of Expedition (EoE) screen, we’ll show you how much Alliance XP you’ve earned and which tier you’re on.
  • When you go up an Alliance tier on the EoE screen, you get an immediate Coin reward.
  • Every Tuesday, you’ll earn a Coin reward based on the Alliance XP earned by the top five players in your Alliance.
    • You’ll get the most Coin when you and your contributing Allies are on similar Alliance Tiers.
      • For example, if you don’t have much time to play this week and are at Tier 1 and one of your Allies is Tier 4, you’ll get a lower Coin reward from their contribution than you would if you were also Tier 4. 
      • You don’t need to be playing together, just playing as much as each other.

Your Alliance automatically includes the players on your Friends list.

If you haven’t built up your Friends list yet or don’t have friends on your list that are playing Anthem, we’ll record the contribution of players you’ve played with recently instead.

When you add someone to your Friends list, they start contributing to your Alliance right away but you won’t benefit from any XP they earned before you added them.

Find Lucky Jak in Fort Tarsis and interact with the scales on the table near him to see your Weekly Alliance Status.

You can also check your Weekly Alliance Status in the Javelin Launch Bay, at the window beside the Trials hourglasses.

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