Visit the Forge in Anthem to equip new weapons and armor, to craft, or to change the look of your Javelin to fit your personal style.

Equipping Crafting Appearance Javelins The Vault

You can access the Forge from:

  • the terminal beside the Javelin platform steps in Fort Tarsis (next to Zoe).
  • the Launch Expedition screen.
  • the Javelin Launch Bay (clamp in to a Forge stand on the platform to the left).

Each Javelin exosuit has specific items you can equip, some of which are unique to that Javelin type. For example, the Colossus is the only Javelin that can handle a Heavy Assault launcher, and the Storm is the only Javelin that uses Seals.

Your Loadout is the combination of items you have equipped on your Javelin. You can make multiple Loadouts for each of your Javelins for different occasions.

At the Forge:

  1. Select Javelins
  2. Choose the Javelin you want to create the new loadout for.
  3. Select Clone Loadout to make an exact copy of what you currently have equipped.
  4. Select New Loadout if you want to start from scratch.
  5. Name your Loadouts so you can easily tell them apart. 
  6. Equip the items you want to use in your new Loadout 
  7. Save it. 

Screenshot showing the new gear available marker in the Forge

At the Forge, we mark any slot on your Javelin that has new gear available with a cyan triangle with a + sign in it.

All new items have this marking to make them easy to spot whether you’re looking at your items through the Forge or the Vault.

To swap out an item, click into the labelled circle on the Javelin in the Forge. Highlight the new item on the list, and hit select. Hover over an item to see a comparison with what you currently have equipped in that slot. 

Looking to upgrade your weapons or a piece of gear? If you have the Blueprint and the crafting materials you can craft items yourself.

  • Collect crafting materials by harvesting items in the world. Almost anything you harvest has a chance to drop Embers, which you need to craft higher rarity items.
  • Collect Javelin parts for the exosuit you currently have equipped from chests and discarded parts in the world. For example, if you’re in Freeplay as a Storm and open a chest, you’ll find Storm parts.

Salvaging items in the Vault or the Forge returns some of the item used to make it to you. If you salvage an item that’s unique to one type of Javelin, you’ll get parts for that Javelin too. Salvaging items that are uncommon or above may also give you Embers that match the items rarity - salvage an uncommon item for Uncommon (green) Embers, a rare item for Rare (blue) Embers, and so on. Salvaging weapons gets you Weapon Components.

To unlock crafting you need to do a favor for Prospero in Fort Tarsis. Once you’ve done that, you need Blueprints to get started on crafting.

Whenever you pick up an item in the world, there’s a chance you’ll also get the Blueprint for it. The more you use an item, the higher the chance of you getting higher rarity Blueprints for it. Want a fancier railgun for your Colossus? Equip and use the one you have!

You can also earn Blueprints by increasing your Reputation with the Arcanists, Freelancers and Sentinels.

If you’re short on something to craft an item, you can buy crafting materials for Coin from Prospero or from Sayrna at the Regulator Store. 

Here’s where you can really unleash your creative side, and tweak how your Javelin looks so that it’s truly unique to you.

Choose an item to customize it:

  • Helmet - choose from the helmets you have available
  • Torso - choose from the chest pieces you have available
  • Vinyls
    • Graphics - these are large vinyls that wrap large areas of your Javelin.
    • Decals - these are smaller vinyls that accent the look of a gear piece.
  • Arms - choose from the arm pieces you have available
  • Wear State - do you want your Javelin to look shiny and new or beaten up? Choose here.
  • Animations - you can set and buy new animations here.
    • Victory Pose - this is the animation you see on the End of Expedition screen.
    • Arrival animation - this is what you see when your Javelin jumps into an expedition
    • Emotes - you can have three active emotes, choose which ones to use here.
  • Legs - choose from the leg pieces you have available.
  • Paint - play with colors, fabric, and metals to make your Javelin stand out in a crowd.

Choose the Javelins option at the Forge to unlock a new Javelin (at levels 2, 8, 16, and 24).

You can also:

  • Switch your currently active Javelin
  • Create and set a new Loadout
  • Clone an existing Loadout
  • Name your Loadouts  

Visit the Vault in Fort Tarsis to see your available gear, weapons, and crafting materials.

You can salvage items in the Vault too, and it’s the best place to see how many of each kind of crafting material you have available.

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