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Join the Anthem Public Test Server (PTS) to get an early look at upcoming game content and share your feedback with us.

The Anthem Public Test Server (PTS) is where we share potential new game features with Anthem players to get your feedback. The PTS is currently only available on PC.

If you’re 18 or over, own Anthem or are subscribed to Origin Access Premier on June 4, 2019, you can join us on the PTS when it opens.

Look for an Anthem PTS game tile in My Game Library in Origin on June 4.

Click the tile, download and install the PTS client, then jump in and play.

If the PTS game tile is not visible in your library, search for it, add it to your game library, then download and install it.

The PTS download is slightly larger than the main game download, and is around 45 GB.

The Anthem PTS  opens on June 4, 2019. While we’re testing new content on the PTS there will be occasional downtime for server restarts or maintenances, and there may be additional patches to download.

No, you don’t. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to jump right in and start playing. While we can’t copy your characters to the PTS from live servers, we do provide you with a level 30 pilot, and all four Javelins with gear available to get them to a Legendary gearscore.

Before you had out into the world, make sure you stop by the Forge to unlock your Javelins, and gear them up.

If you don’t do this before you start an expedition the game could crash, or you could find yourself out in the wild without weapons.

We’re looking for your feedback on some of the early Cataclysm events we’re planning to include in Anthem. These are anomalies and events that appear in-game as the Cataclysm builds power. To find these events, head into Freeplay and follow the map indicators.

Things to know:

  • Some events are behind timed storm gates that only open for a limited window, but there are multiple windows per hour.
  • Once you pass through the gates, pay attention to the messaging on-screen. There are some timed tasks you’ll need to complete. Failing to beat the timer means failing the event.
  • Completing a tier of the event opens the force-field around one of the chests. Complete all tiers to open all the available chests.

There is no non-disclosure agreement for the PTS, you can take screenshots, stream and share content from it just like you can from the main game. Bear in mind, though, that what you play on the PTS is still in development and not final.

Visit the PTS forum at Answers HQ to share your feedback with us, and to join in the discussion with other Anthem PTS players.

You must be 18 or over and accept the Public Test Server Agreement to play on the PTS.

The PTS is available in English only.

A persistent internet connection is required to play.

Gameplay progress (including but not limited to achievements, characters, character data, items and unlocks) does not carry over from the PTS to the Anthem main game. The game version on the PTS is pre-release software, may contain errors or defects and is provided as is without any express or implied warranty.

For support, please visit the Anthem PTS forum.

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