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Learn how Apex Legends Ranked Arenas works, how to compete in matches, and how to earn Arenas Points (AP).

Ranked Arenas is a competitive mode in Apex Legends that allows you to compete with other teams and players at a similar skill level. 

Over time, you can rank up and play in higher tiers. You can also earn rewards based on your rank. At the end of each Season and split, your rank will soft reset based on your current tier.

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Do Ranked Arenas points stack with Ranked Battle Royale?

No—Ranked Arenas is separate from Ranked Battle Royale. Your points won’t stack across each, and they are separate rankings. 

Earn Arena Points (AP) to level up. If you’re playing with friends, you’ll play at the highest member rank level.

Ranked level

AP needed


0 AP


2,000 AP


2,400 AP


2,800 AP


3,200 AP


3,600 AP

Apex Predator

Top 500 players per platform (based on AP)

What is the cost to enter?

There is no cost to enter Ranked Arenas matches.

You earn AP by winning the match. There won’t be AP awarded for kills or assists like there is in Ranked Battle Royale, since each match is a head-to-head face off, making ranking more clear cut.

When you first play Ranked Arenas, you’ll start out competing in 10 placement matches, so there may be a wide difference in your opponents’ skill level during that period.

Matchmaking rating (MMR) is a number invisible to everyone, including you, that indicates your skill level and helps you matchmake. Your MMR is the second way Apex Legends determines your skill, outside of your Rank in Arenas.

You’ll need to play ten placement matches before your MMR is set, so those first ten matches may not feel as balanced. After that, your opponents should start to feel equal to your level.

You can read more about how Apex Legends Arenas uses MMR on

Yes, you can lose your ranking in Ranked Arenas. This is different from Ranked play.

You’ll still get rewards for the highest tier you earned that Season. For example, if you make it to Silver IV, but drop to Bronze before the Season ends, you’ll still get rewards for Silver IV.

Are there splits in Ranked Arenas?

Yes, Ranked Arenas split the same time as Ranked Battle Royale.

Resets happen at the start of each Season, then mid-way through. Players will get the end of season rewards based on the highest tier achieved in either split.

  • Drop-Off
  • Habitat 4
  • Encore
  • Overflow
  • Phase Runner

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