Cheating in Apex Legends puts your account at risk. Here’s what we mean by cheating and how to contact us if you think we made a mistake.

Don’t cheat in-game

We want the Apex Legends play experience to be fair and fun for everyone. Cheating is against our rules. Cheating can include, but isn’t limited to, using third-party software, like aimbots, wallhacks, and other similar cheats to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

Cheating includes:

  • Performing in-game exploits and abusing glitches or bugs.
  • Stat padding (abusing game features the way they aren’t supposed to be used to artificially stack scores). 
  • Using software or cheat tools that disconnect other players from the EA servers.
  • Teaming up and playing with other players who are using cheats.

In-game cheating is not fair play and hurts the experience for the players you’re playing against.

Don’t make false claims

Making a false claim to EA Help Advisors or any other EA representative is against our gameplay rules. Making a false claim can lead to us taking action on your account.

Don’t hack other players' accounts

It might seem like a no-brainer but accessing another player’s account is totally and completely against the rules.

Don’t be a troll

Hateful conduct and other offensive behavior isn’t cool, and we won’t accept “But I was role-playing!” as an excuse.  Harassment of other players will earn you a time-out.

Don’t get exiled

We’re serious about the rules, and we keep track of how many times they’re broken. If you keep breaking the rules, we may have to close your EA Account.

Don’t party up with cheaters

We believe that intentionally partying up with cheaters in matches to boost your rank or help complete challenges—even if you aren’t using the cheats yourself—still counts as cheating. If you’re partying up with confirmed cheaters for multiple matches in a row to boost stats you may get banned.

Don’t share your credentials

Never share your credentials as your account may be stolen later. EA may decline to restore your account. It’s always unsafe to trust others with your account details, no matter how safe they claim to be. When you share your credentials, you run a high risk of your account being deleted and all your content lost.

EA will also never ask for your password. There are no exceptions to this rule. Even if you get an email that appears to come from us, it’s a scam if it asks for your password.

No. When you buy an Apex Legends account or level up your account using an unauthorized third-party seller, you run a high risk of losing your account, including all of your progress and inventory. It’s also strictly against our User Agreement.

Is it safe to buy an Apex account or level boosting?

All Apex account transactions with third-party sellers are unsafe and unauthorized by EA. This includes buying and selling accounts, buying Battle Pass levels and tiers, and all account leveling or item acquisition (badge boosting).

Many sellers advertising accounts for sale claim they offer secure transactions. They may:

  • use reassuring and attractive language like ”verified sellers”, “secure marketplace”, and words like “safe” or “fast”
  • promise a free service in exchange for your credentials
  • play on a sense of urgency by guaranteeing you’ll have a new Apex account or level boosting in minutes.

Engaging with third-party sellers will always put you at risk of losing your account and all the work and play you’ve put into it, no matter how safe sellers claim to be.

You can read our complete User Agreement between players and EA at

It means you broke one of our rules. If you think we’ve made a mistake, get in touch with us so we can talk about it. Our Terms of Service team will email you to explain what happened.

You can report Apex Legends players in-game, online, or directly from the platform.

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