Learn more about jitter and how it can affect your gameplay experience.

Jitter, along with ping and packet loss, is one of the key things we check to measure your Connection Quality in EA SPORTS FC™.

For a smooth online gaming experience, it’s important that your game data moves quickly and consistently. Jitter can disrupt your game data delivery and cause connection issues.

Jitter is the measurement of changes to your ping values over time. If your ping is 20ms one moment and 90ms the next, you’re experiencing jitter.

When your ping value is steady, packets of game data are consistently taking the same amount of time to make the round trip to the EA SPORTS FC™ Game Data Center and back. If your ping value starts fluctuating, data packets can arrive late or out of order. This fluctuation can make online gameplay less responsive.

If your jitter isn’t 0 but still quite low (the Connection Quality Report will measure it by comparing it to the highest performing internet service provider in your area), you may not experience any impact to your online gameplay responsiveness. You could still see some minor delay between pressing a button and seeing the corresponding in-game action, but it won’t be too noticeable.

If your jitter is quite high, you may experience visual stuttering or a disconnection from the game.

Consistent packets of game data causing no jitter.

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