Learn more about packet loss and how it can affect your gameplay experience.

Packet loss, along with ping and jitter, is one of the key things we check to measure your Connection Quality in EA SPORTS FC™.

For a smooth online gaming experience, it’s important that your game data moves quickly and consistently. Packet loss can disrupt your game data delivery and cause connection issues.

Packets contain the game data that needs to be transferred when you’re playing an online match. This data includes information about button presses, location of the ball, current team tactics, and more. These packets of game data are sent back and forth between your console or PC and the EA SPORTS FC™ Game Data Center.

When these packets are sent and received in a reliable manner, your online gameplay responsiveness is likely higher. If they are inconsistent, you may experience issues that impact your online gameplay responsiveness.

Packet loss measures the number or percentage of packets that fail to successfully complete the round trip between the EA SPORTS FC™ Game Data Center and your platform.

If one or more of the packets don’t make the full trip, they need to be re-sent, which can delay actions in-game. Subsequent packets may get backed up until everything catches up to the first delayed action.

If you have very infrequent packet loss, you may not notice much impact while you play. If you’re experiencing frequent or consistent packet loss, this can result in speed up lag, visual stuttering, or even disconnects.

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