Your order history keeps track of your EA app and Origin purchases from pre-order to play, with status updates at each stage.

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You can view your Order History anytime from your EA Account settings. You’ll be able to see details including the date, description, order number, status, and price of your order.

View your Order History on the My Account page.

Click on the plus sign (+) to the left of the order date to view more details, including additional status information, order quantity, and a breakdown of the price.

To use the Family Activity Report to view your child or teen’s order and transaction history, you’ll need to link your adult EA Account to theirs. Here’s how to do that and where you can find the report.

Here’s what each status means.

  • Pre-ordered - The game or item you bought has been pre-ordered. You’ll be charged immediately after placing the pre-order, and you’ll get your content when it’s released.
  • Payment pending - You need to complete your payment either offline or through a third-party source, like PayPal.
  • Processing - We're processing your payment. Most orders are processed within 24 hours of purchase, but sometimes it may take up to 72 hours to complete. Once we finalize your payment, we’ll email you to let you know your content is ready.
  • Failed - Your payment wasn’t successful. Make sure your billing details are correct in the Payment & Shipping section of your My Account page. Update your payment info, and we can try billing you again.
  • Completed - Your payment was successful and the content you bought is ready.
  • Cancelled - Your purchase was cancelled and won’t be delivered. If you still want what you were trying to buy, verify your payment info and try placing your order again.

You can see your refund requests in your Order History. Follow the status of your refund in the Status column. Here’s what each status means.

  • Completed - Your payment provider accepted your refund request.
  • Failed - Your payment provider denied the refund request, or your payment method no longer exists for the funds to be returned. If you canceled your credit card or closed your payment account before the refund went through, that may be why it failed.

Read this article to learn more about refunds.

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