Learn how to upgrade your Mac operating system (macOS) to optimize your gaming experience on the EA app.

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Moved to the EA app from Origin on Mac? You’ll use the same account to log in to the EA app that you used to log in to Origin. Since all purchases are linked to your account, you can download any games you bought on Origin through the EA app.

When you move to the EA app from Origin on a Mac device, you'll still only be able to buy and download games that are compatible with Mac.

Here's more info on what happens to your account and games after you move from Origin to the EA app.

Before you upgrade your macOS to use the EA app, there are a few things you should do first.

Check which macOS your Mac device is using

Before upgrading, find out which macOS your Mac is currently running.

The EA app is available for all players using macOS Catalina or later. If your Mac device is running a macOS that’s older than Catalina, you’ll need to upgrade it to use the EA app.

Keep in mind that your device’s ability to upgrade to a newer macOS will depend on the model of Mac you own. Before trying to upgrade to the minimum macOS needed for the EA app, check if your Mac device is compatible with the required macOS.

For more details on which Mac devices can use the latest macOS upgrades, check out this Apple Support article.

Backup your Mac

If you need to upgrade your macOS to use the EA app, consider making a backup first. Backing up your Mac device before installing a major upgrade allows you to restore your data and settings if anything goes wrong.

Free up space on your Mac

Make sure you have enough space to download and install the required macOS upgrade. Follow these steps to find out how much storage space is available on your Mac device.

To upgrade your macOS on a compatible Mac device, use Software Update, or install it manually.

Visit Apple Support to learn more about the latest version of macOS, and how to upgrade.

Want to play your favorite EA games on PC instead of Mac? Download the EA app for Windows, and learn how to update your operating system for the EA app.

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