If you can’t connect online or keep getting disconnected from our servers, try these tips to improve your connection.

This info will help players on Mac, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

If you’re looking for help with your connection on a mobile device, you’ll find that here:

Before you follow these steps, try some of our basic connection troubleshooting first.

Use a wired connection

Hardwired connections can be much more reliable than wireless ones. If you're playing using Wi-Fi, try hardwiring your device to your router.

Move your router

Try to move your device as close to your router as possible. A router’s range can be pretty short. The further away from it you are, the more likely it is that it won’t connect as well.

Depending on the location of your router, it might be harder to pick up its signal. Walls and large objects can interfere, and so can other electronics (like microwaves) since they transmit their own signals. If your router is blocked by something, like under your bed or hidden in a cabinet, it’s that much harder for the connection to make its way to your device. Put it out in the open with the antenna (if there is one) pointed in the direction of your device and see if you get a stronger signal from it.

Wireless? Change your Wi-Fi channel

If you live in a highly-populated area, like an apartment complex, there can be a lot of interference from other nearby networks. Changing your wireless channel can limit that and make your wireless connection more stable.

Imagine that everyone in apartments and houses near you is blasting different music or watching TV at high volume. It makes it that much harder for you to hear whatever you’re listening to.

Switching your wireless channel can be like putting noise-cancelling headphones on your connection, making it less “noisy” and clearer.

Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for help finding and switching to a less busy wireless channel.

Other things to check

  • The speed of your internet connection is no guarantee that it’s stable. Fast and unstable connections can cause as many problems as slow, steady ones.
  • Mobile and satellite connections are also less stable than broadband, and they tend to be more unreliable. You should play with a wired broadband connection if you can.
  • You can get an overview of how fast and stable your connection is by running a speed test. Get the Speedtest app for Windows 10 or Mac, or install the app on your mobile device.
    • Speedtest gets your ping as well as your download and upload speeds so you can get an idea of how consistent your connection is. It will show you your Ping, Jitter, and Packet loss when you look at your test results.
    • Run a few tests to see what your averages are. If they change a lot with each test you run, that means that your connection isn’t as reliable as it could be.
  • Talk to your ISP to make sure you’re getting the speeds and reliability that you’re paying for.
  • Is the date and time correct on your machine? It may seem like a small thing, but this has been known to cause issues.

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