If you come across websites containing cheats, hacks, and scams for our games, we would love for you to help by reporting the site to us.

Contact us by email from EA Help to submit your report.

  1. Click on Contact Us.
  2. Choose the game that you have the concern about.
  3. Choose the platform you're playing on.
  4. Choose Report concerns or harassment.
  5. Select Report website.
  6. Click Select contact option.
    • We’ll then ask you to enter your name and email address and to describe your issue.

In the Please describe your issue field, add as much information about the website. You can also include:

  1. The full URL of the website (for example,
  2. Which category you believe the site falls into such as:
    • Cheating/hacking information: a site that has tools or tips on how to cheat in games.
    • Phishing: a site that pretends to be an EA website to steal account information.
    • Sites breaking a testing agreement or NDA: posting alpha or beta footage that we’ve said is not available to the general public.
    • Sites that use EA content without permission: Advertisements, non-EA video games, or websites that use content, imagery, or assets from an EA game without our permission.
    • Other: any other suspicious site you think we should investigate.

If you have images, videos, or other files that help show us why you think we need to check out the sites you’re reporting, attach them directly to your case here.

We recommend that you don’t intentionally visit these websites, just in case they use malicious software to attack the computers of users who visit them.

Due to our privacy policies, you won’t receive an update on any action taken from your report.

Thanks for helping us keep our games and community safe and secure for all players!

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