If you’d like to use our IP (Intellectual Property) for personal purposes, check out our guidelines.

EA is amazed by the passion players have for our games, and we’re always excited to see the creativity that comes from our community. We know many people want to use our game content and other intellectual property for creative pursuits so we’ve put together this Policy to help our players understand how they can use EA’s IP.

Our fans can use our IP for personal projects, including fansites and “Let’s Play” videos, as long as they follow these principles:

  • Not for sale. Don’t use EA’s IP for commercial purposes. This means don’t sell your fan art or put your fansite, videos, or other content behind paywalls. With the exception of passive advertising or monetization of videos via partner programs (like YouTube’s or Twitch’s), or of fansites via passive banner ads, making money off of EA’s IP is not allowed.

  • Follow the rules. Don’t use EA’s IP to engage in or promote conduct that's prohibited under EA’s User Agreement or Positive Play Charter. For example, don’t show hacks or cheats, promote the sale of in-game currency, or display offensive or inappropriate content.

  • Don’t spoil the game. Only share content from a publicly released version of our games. For example, if you signed an NDA as part of a Closed Beta or were provided with an early access copy to review, you must adhere to those terms. Don’t leak unreleased information about, or content from, our games.

  • No EA endorsements or affiliation. Don’t make it seem like your project is endorsed by or affiliated with EA. In other words, don’t use our company, studio, or game logos. If you need to refer to our game title on your website, use plain text instead of the game logo. If you have a website or other location where you’re displaying EA’s IP, include a statement explaining that your website is not endorsed by or affiliated with EA.

  • EA doesn’t belong in your brand. Don’t incorporate EA’s IP into the general branding of your social media channels, fansites, podcasts, etc. For example, EA’s IP should not be used in your social media handles, profile pictures, website URLs, channel thumbnails, etc.

  • Stay original. Don’t use EA’s IP to create any knock-off or spin-off games or products. While we're grateful that our fans still love playing our older games, we don’t allow game revivals or community-run servers for our older games. Don’t combine EA’s IP with other third-party IP or brands.
  • Music. Some of our games contain music we license from third parties, and those third parties may object to your use of their music on video sharing sites, resulting in a copyright strike. To avoid potential copyright issues from the music in our games, we suggest that you simply leave it out.

  • Mods. In general, EA does not allow any modifications to our games. However, we understand that modding is important to some of our communities and we have published mod guidelines for certain games only:
  • Tournaments. EA supports community-level tournaments for fans of our games. Please review our game specific and general tournament guidelines if you are interested in running a community tournament:
  • Product placement inquiries. If you represent an entity that wishes to use EA’s IP in books, films, TV series, or other productions, please fill out this form in English. We will only respond if we are interested in pursuing the opportunity, so do not interpret EA’s lack of response as an approval. Do not use this form for other inquiries.

  • Vendor and former employee requests. If you have an existing contract with EA to perform services for EA (e.g., external artists, marketing agencies, translation vendors) or are a former EA employee that wants to use EA’s IP in your portfolio or promotional materials, please fill out this form in English.
  • Fair use. Some uses of EA’s IP outside of this Policy for editorial or educational purposes may be permissible under applicable “fair use” or similar laws. You may wish to consult an intellectual property attorney if you have questions about whether your particular use of EA’s IP qualifies for fair use. EA cannot help you with this.

  • Licensed content disclaimer. Many of our games include content that we license from third parties or that may otherwise have usage restrictions. Those third parties may have their own guidelines for how you can use their content. EA does not provide you with any representations or warranties regarding your use of any content from EA’s IP. You use EA IP at your own risk.

  • Reservation of rights. Any use of EA’s IP outside of this Policy is prohibited and EA reserves the right to update this Policy at any time without notice. EA reserves the right to address any use of EA’s IP that violates this Policy or that EA finds objectionable. EA’s decision to not enforce specific provisions of this Policy against a party does not prevent EA from enforcing this Policy in the future.
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