Learn more about the updates to FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Objectives.

In FUT 23, Objectives are in-game challenges that you can complete to earn rewards for your FUT Club and progress throughout the FUT Season. To view current Objectives and the current FUT Season, select and enter the Objectives tile from the main FUT menu. FUT Seasons generally last around 6 weeks.

Information on future Seasons can be found in-game or by following @EAFIFADirect on Twitter.

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In each FUT Season, there will be a variety of Objectives that will allow you to earn FUT Season XP, or other rewards, and level up your FUT Season Reward Level. The types of Objectives are:

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Daily Objectives

Daily Objectives are released every day and completing them will give you XP towards your Season Rewards. They expire after 24 hours.

Weekly Objectives

Weekly Objectives are groups of Objectives that reward you for completing the individual Objectives and give you more rewards for completing the entire set.

Did you miss a week’s Objectives? Don’t worry, they’ll still be active in-game the following week. The only exception is the final week of the Season, which will expire when the Season does.

Season Objectives

Season Objectives are available for longer periods of time. Once they’re live in-game, they’ll be available until the end of the Season.

Dynamic Objectives

Dynamic Objectives are special limited-time Objectives. They don’t have a regular release schedule, and they’ll have set end times that are determined by the Dynamic Objective group. Dynamic Objectives are sometimes tied to FUT campaigns such as Ones to Watch (OTW) or real-world events that happen in-game throughout the Season.

What are Event Objectives?

When completed, Event Objectives count your contributions toward overall Event progress, and they’re tied to Team and Community Events which can be viewed on the general Objectives screen.

What is a Team Event?

When a Team Event is active, Event Objectives are tied to Team Events that require you to align yourself with one of the competing teams. This is done by selecting a team on the Team tab found on the Objectives screen. This tab will also display which side is in the lead.

Note that if this tab is not visible, there is no active Team Event taking place.

How do I earn rewards from a Team Event?

Once you’ve selected a team during a Team Event, you can view your team’s Event Objectives on the main Objectives screen. If you complete at least one Event Objective, you will be eligible to earn rewards if your selected team wins the event.

Note that if you did not complete at least one Objective, you will not receive any reward.

For example, if the top 2 Premier League teams are competing to see who can get the highest XP during an event, you can choose which team to support and earn rewards based on whether they won or not after completing at least one Event Objective.

What is a Community Event?

Community Events count specific Event-related progress towards a reward or a series of rewards that are the same for everyone. You can view the active Community Event and its progress on the Community tab found in the Objectives screen.

Note that if you do not see a Community tab, there is no active Community Event taking place.

How do I earn rewards from a Community Event?

If the player community reaches the goals outlined on the Community tab and Objectives screen, everyone that completes at least one Event Objective gets the reward.

If the goal(s) are not reached, no one wins the corresponding reward(s). In order to participate in a Community Event, start by visiting the Community tab in order to see the Event, and then be sure to check the actual individual Objectives that will appear in the main Objectives hub.

Note that you must enter the Community Event on the Community tab in order to be eligible to contribute progress to the Event and potentially earn rewards.

Completing certain FUT Season Objectives will give you FUT Season XP. As you gain more XP, your Reward Level for the current Season will increase.

Each time you earn enough XP to get to a new Season level, you’ll be able to get a new reward on the Season Rewards screen.

For some of the Levels, you’ll get the choice of which reward you want. Once you make a choice, you can’t get the other reward options.

At the end of each FUT Season, your Reward Level and XP total will reset.

Foundation Objectives

Foundation Objectives are Objectives that teach players the key aspects of FUT. If you’re new to FUT, Foundation Objectives can help you learn how to play.

Milestone Objectives

Milestone Objectives are long-term Objectives that aren’t tied to a FUT Season and may end at various times, as reflected by the in-game UI.

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