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If you’re new to GRID, follow this EA Help guide to get a headstart in your Rookie season.

We’ve set things up to make it easy for you to start right at your own comfort level.

When you start GRID Legends for the first time, we’ll ask you to choose a difficulty setting.

If you choose Easy, you’ll:

  • drive automatic transmission vehicles.
  • have the Racing Line showing all the time.
  • have assists with your driving.
  • race against AI drivers who make mistakes and put you under less pressure.

At the other end of the scale, if you choose Legend:

  • you control all aspects of your driving.
  • there’s no Racing Line and no assists.
  • damage affects your performance.
  • you can write off a vehicle in a race.
  • the AI drivers will put you under extreme pressure.

You can change your difficulty setting anytime from the Options menu, under Gameplay. You’ll know it’s time to do this when you’re winning races easily.

If you’re familiar with GRID games, or other racing games, choose one of the middle options or adjust individual settings to play the way you prefer.

As you get more confident with your driving, experiment with Tuning to adjust the way your individual vehicles handle.

GRID Legends is very much designed to be grab and go, so you only need to customize your controls if you prefer a different set-up to the defaults.

  1. See your connected devices under Options, Controls.
  2. To edit controls, select the device and choose Edit Device.
  3. Select the binding you want to change.
  4. Select Bind, then press the button you want to set it to.
  5. Apply your changes to save them.

GRID Legends supports a wide range of racing wheels, get the full list here.

Change your Camera setting as you play to bring yourself deeper into the action or to step back and play with a birds-eye view of your car.

If you choose the full cockpit view, be aware that rain, snow, sleet, and damage to your windshield may reduce your view.

Level up by collecting the Racecraft XP you’ve earned at the end of every race. You earn Racecraft XP for clean driving on tough sections, following the Racing Line, overtaking, time spent airborne, and in many other situations.

If you’ve got Racecraft notifications switched on while you race, you’ll see on-screen messages every time you do something that earns Racecraft XP.

Toggle Racecraft notifications on or off in the Gameplay menu under OSD.

When you’re starting out, the Racing Line gives you a path to follow on the track, including colored indicators to let you know when to brake (red), coast (amber), and when to get back on the power again (green). You earn bonus Racecraft XP for driving along the Racing Line for longer.

Don’t need the help? Switch the Racing Line off, or restrict it to showing for corners only under Difficulty in the Gameplay menu.

If you nudge, block, or collide with another driver, their attitude to you will change. They’ll become your Nemesis and try to get in your way or slow you down every chance they get.

You can train your Teammate to run interference with them for you by increasing their Nemesis Protection skill under Race Strategy in Teammate Development.

Your earnings at the end of a race depend on how high you and your Teammate place. Costs (including loan car rental, damage to your vehicle, and other penalties) reduce your winnings.

Misjudged a turn? Been sent spinning by your Nemesis? Flashback lets you rewind and correct in real time. If you want to play hardcore, don’t use it. You can also disable Flashback in the Advanced Settings of Race Creator if you want to increase the challenge level for everyone.

If you’d like to try out a new event type but haven’t unlocked any of the vehicles in it, you can borrow a car so you can still race.

Is there a catch? Well, you won’t earn mileage towards any Loaned vehicle you drive and you pay a percentage of your winnings as a rental fee.

You can reduce the percentage of that cut by upgrading your Mechanic’s Loan Cut Reduction skill. Find it under Recognition in Mechanic Development.

Check out the Sponsorships available to you under the Team menu. Complete a Sponsor’s objectives to get access to their Sponsored race under GRID Challenges in Career.

Win that race to unlock unique rewards.

Want more Sponsors? Head to Mechanic Development and upgrade your Mechanic’s Old Master skills to unlock a wider range of Sponsors or to reduce the requirements for new ones.

Multiplayer is where you get to take on the world.

Nothing compares to a close multiplayer race for excitement and an adrenaline rush. Other players bring wildly varying levels of skill and unpredictability to each race.

To host or join a multiplayer session, you need to link your game to an EA Account.

Use Quick Race to jump straight into a random race, or browse Multiplayer Sessions to find something specific.

Host races you’ve designed yourself through Race Creator or Hop In to a race your friend is in.

If you’re hosting, remember to set your Host Privacy to Public to take on all comers, or to Private so you only play against people you invite.

If you want to increase or limit the amount of players who can join a session you host:

  1. Go to Options.
  2. Select Gameplay.
  3. Select the Online tab.
  4. Select the Host Session Type you prefer:
    • Co-op: You and one other player
    • Open: You and up to 21 other players (AI fills in any empty slots)
    • Teams: You and up to ten other players (each player has an AI teammate)

If you want to join a race one of your friends is in, choose their name from your friends list and select Hop In. You’ll be brought right into their race if there’s a spot available.

See your stats and progression even when you’re not in-game with RaceNet.

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