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Same game, new season. Madden NFL 22 Mobile is out with new Events, Programs, and Rewards to take your game to the next level.

Heads-up: If you’re looking for The Yard in Madden NFL 22 Mobile, it’ll be available later this year so stay tuned!

You will not be able to sync progress from Madden NFL 22 Mobile to Madden NFL 21. For cross-save, make sure to upgrade to Madden NFL 22 and then link your EA Account.

Make sure your device meets the minimum requirements to play.

What resets?

What doesn’t reset?

  • Madden Cash

The Auction House will not be available in Madden NFL 22 Mobile. With the Auction House gone, our teams can now focus on structuring the game in its entirety with a full grasp of a player’s ability in mind, solving some concerns over coin security and third-party sellers.

The great news: Coin Packs are back!


  • Start the season with a series of themed challenges that get harder as you go.
  • The further you go, the better the rewards. You can also unlock new Journeys as you move forward.
  • Relive the SuperBowl LV run of the Buccaneers to earn a Rare Tom Brady!
  • Complete the Magic Mahomes stage of challenges and get a rare Patrick Mahomes.

Training Center

  • Hit the Training Center to increase your players’ OVR and earn the resources your players need to level up your game.
  • Take on daily challenges and do special drills to earn more resources.

The Tour

  • Face off different NFL teams across the US to earn new players and increase your fanbase.
  • The more fans you have at the games your team wins, the better your rewards will be from those games.
  • Play real-world live NFL games during the NFL season!

Rewards and login bonuses

Calendar login rewards

  • Earn special rewards, from Madden Cash to new and rare players, every day you log into the game.
  • Log in each day to get one reward. Rewards reset every 24 hours, so make sure you log in every day to grab that day’s reward.
  • Keep coming back for more: the more daily logins tracked, the better your monthly rewards will be.

Earn Free Stamina

You’ll need Stamina for Journeys, the Training Center, and the Tour! Want it for free? The more sessions you play per day, the more free Stamina you’ll get. Play more, win more!

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