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New to Madden NFL 22 Mobile or looking for a skill boost? Check out our guide with gameplay tips to get you playing like a pro in no time.

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Take control of the match using the analog stick.

Analog stick control

  • Hold and move the analog stick on the left of the screen in the direction you want your player to move.
  • Touching the analog stick changes the player’s direction and speed.
  • Tap the center of the analog stick to stop.

Need to call a timeout? Tap the pause button on the top-right corner of your screen, then tap Call a Timeout.


Call the right play: Choose to run, pass, or kick in the Playcall window. Use a suggested play or go with your gut. Tap the screen to snap the ball.

Check your routes: Tap the Play art button within 3D Gameplay to see the routes and play art for the play you want to run.


  • To throw a lob pass, tap the icon for the receiver you want to throw it to. If you want to throw a bullet pass, tap and hold the receiver's icon.
  • You can throw the ball away by hitting the Throw Away button above the action button.

Skill moves:

  • Swipe left, right, or back on the analog stick to juke and avoid oncoming tacklers.
  • Tap the Skill move button while running with the ball to spin.
  • Tap Skill move when you’re being tackled to stiff-arm the tackler.
  • For more skill move options, go to Settings > Preferences > Advanced Action. You’ll now be able to swipe left or right on the Skill move to spin, swipe down to hurdle over low tackles, and swipe up to truck through tackles.


  • Kick the ball by swiping up on the Kick meter.
  • The swipe direction and speed will determine the kick's power and direction.
  • The Power Readout meter monitors the input of your stats and swipe speed. The meter fills up and changes color based on the power of the kick in real time.


Organize your defense: Before the play starts, adjust your defenders’ positions with the analog stick.

Switch players: Switch players on defense by tapping on a player on the field or tapping the screen with two fingers.

Skill moves: Tap Skill move to make tackles and big hits, launch into dive tackles, and strip the ball.

Make a play on the ball: Intercept a pass by tapping on the screen to earn a boost for your defender.

There are three modes in Madden NFL 22 Mobile. Play by yourself, compete with other players, or join a league and work together as a team.


  • Hit the Training Center to build your players’ power and perform drills that will earn you additional rewards.
  • Join the Tour to challenge different NFL teams, get new players, increase your fanbase to earn better rewards, and play real-world NFL games during NFL season.
  • You can also get upgrades and Items to build your Ultimate Team.


Face off against other players in Arena for leaderboard status and rewards. Choose Friend Matches to find Users, send Friend Invites, and join Leagues.


Join an existing League or create your own! Work as a team sharing gameplay tips to challenge other Leagues and unlock special rewards through league achievements.

Invest in your Team. Use Madden Cash, Coins, or Gems to buy Packs, or get more bang for your buck when you buy Bundles from the Store.

  • Featured Store shows the hot new offers on Packs, Coins, Items, and Madden Cash. Check out what’s new on the menu.
  • Core Store is where you’ll find Madden Today Packs and Player Packs. This is your go-to, everyday store.

Buy packs to upgrade your player lineup or collect specific Items to complete Sets and earn better players.

You can also swap players for currency using Item Exchange.

Madden Cash

  • Use Madden Cash to buy Packs, premium content, and bundles from the store.
  • Purchase Madden Cash using real-world money.

To get Madden Cash:

  1. From the main menu, go to the Store tab.
  2. Click Madden Cash.
  3. Choose the option and amount you want to buy.
  4. Follow the purchasing steps on your device.
  5. You’ll get a notification saying your payment is complete. Please allow up to 24 hours for the purchase to show on your account.
  6. Go to the Madden Cash tab in the Store to see your new balance.

Coins and Gems

  • Use Coins and Gems to buy Packs and players from the store.
  • Earn Coins and Gems by playing Live Events and Head-to-Head matches.

Tap My Team from the top-left menu button to manage your lineup. View your Items under Offense, Defense, and Special.

Want to see what you’ve got? Tap Items in the top-left menu to view your Benched Players, Collectibles, Locker Items, and Unclaimed Items.

Swap out players

When you tap a player in your lineup, you’ll see benched players at the bottom of the screen. Tap and drag a benched player to the Drag & Drop slot to replace an active player.

Boost your skills

Tap a player and use Training Points to boost the player’s Power (POW). You can also tap Power from the home screen to get to the Train Players screen.

  • Available players will be under Offense, Defense, or Special.
  • If there is a player with a higher OVR, a special icon will pop up at the start of each game mode. That player can get a skill boost for the team.

Tap More Power Info to find out more.

Customize your team, logo, stadium, and uniform

Tap Profile in the top-left menu to change your:

  • Team - Tap Change Team to pick a different team.
  • Logo and Banner - You can choose your team logo and banner from the options menu after completing Achievements. You can also choose your Facebook profile picture if your game is linked to Facebook.
  • Home Stadium and Team Uniform.

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