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Keep your account safe and play by the rules in Madden NFL 23 Mobile.

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Head here to check out the rules for Madden NFL 23.

We want to make sure that you, and other players like you, have fun and stay safe while playing Madden NFL 23 Mobile.

Never share your Facebook, Google Play, or Apple ID login information with another Madden NFL 23 Mobile player. We will never ask for your password, either.

Learn more about phishing and how to avoid it and make sure to follow our safety tips.

We take account security seriously.

Don’t worry: When you link your Madden NFL 23 Mobile account with your Facebook, Google Play, or Apple ID accounts, your username and password from those accounts never reach our servers. Your login credentials are not visible to anyone, including anyone here at EA.

Check out our article on playing by EA rules.

Keep these rules in mind when you play Madden NFL 23 Mobile:

Don’t cheat

Here at EA, we value fair play. Cheating isn’t fair and hurts other players’ in-game experience.

Cheating includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Using external tools or bots
  • Using in-game exploits
  • Abusing glitches or bugs.

Don’t hack or share your account

We want you to play as yourself.

Accessing another player’s account is strictly against our rules.

Don’t buy Coins from a third-party seller

In Madden NFL 23 Mobile, you can earn Coins by playing the game, and buying and selling Items in the Market. Buying Coins from a third-party seller is against our rules.

Here's how to earn Coins fairly:

  • Play live events
  • Complete daily activities
  • Buy and sell players and Items in the Market

Why shouldn’t I buy coins from third parties?

Don’t buy “mule” accounts or perform comfort trades. Both are against our gameplay rules because they have a negative impact on the in-game economy and the experience of other players.

Don’t farm Coins

There are many ways to earn Coins fairly in Madden NFL 23 Mobile. Coin farming isn’t one of them.

Coin farming is when you trick the game into thinking you’re playing matches when you are not.

Don’t distribute or sell Coins

Coin selling and Coin distribution hurt the in-game economy and disrupt the buy-sell environment. This includes:

  • Buying or selling Coins
  • Giving Coins to or receiving Coins from another player, including giveaways
  • Transferring Coins between accounts that you own, or that another player owns

Don’t buy Madden Cash from a third-party seller

There are only two ways to get Madden Cash:

  • Buying it in-game
  • Earning it when you complete certain events in-game

That’s it.

Why shouldn’t I buy Madden Cash from third parties?

  • Buying Coins from unauthorized third parties affects the in-game economy. It unlevels the playing field. When Coin Buyers buy cheap Items in the Market, they interfere with other players’ ability to buy affordable Items.
  • Third-party Coin sellers need your account login information to give out Cash and your or another player’s account may be hacked in the process.

Don’t exploit the Market (abuse or botting)

Using exploits, cheats, undocumented features, design errors, or bugs gives you an unfair advantage and hurts gameplay experience. It can make Items unaffordable and harder for other players to enjoy the game.

This includes using:

  • Unsupported mods
  • Unauthorized hardware or accessories
  • Any specialized software, such as “aimbots” or “triggerbots” or intentionally “boosting” or “teamkilling”
  • Exploits to gain in-game items

Don’t abuse reporting tools

While we always welcome your feedback, don’t abuse in-game support or complaint buttons by making false reports to EA. Check out how to make legitimate claims here.

If you break our rules, we may:

  • Wipe your Coins
  • Limit or remove your eligibility for certain Live Events
  • Temporarily or permanently lock your account out of the Market
  • Temporarily or permanently suspend your device from playing Madden NFL 23 Mobile

Think you were banned or suspended by mistake?

Learn how to get in touch with us so we can talk about it.

Still need help?

The best way to reach us about Madden NFL 23 Mobile is to create a case from within your game.

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