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Find out what updates you can expect in Madden NFL 23 Mobile, including what resets and what rolls over into the new season.

If you’re new to Madden NFL 23 Mobile, don’t miss our article on how to play the game as a beginner. 

The first thing you’ll want to do when playing Madden NFL 23 Mobile is link your accounts. This makes sure your progress is always safe and you’ll never lose any game time. To save your progress and play across different devices, connect Madden NFL 23 Mobile to Facebook, Google Play, or Apple ID.

Season carry-overs Season resets What else is new? Stay connected
  • Madden Cash: You can keep all your Madden Cash from Madden NFL 22 Mobile and use it in the new season.
  • Players: You’ll get to keep all your players from Madden NFL 22 Mobile, whether Uncommon or Better, and use them all in your Madden NFL 23 Mobile lineup.
  • Levels: Player Levels from Madden NFL 22 Mobile will affect Player Levels in the new season.
  • Ranking: The more ranks a Madden NFL 22 Mobile player has, the easier it will be to earn Madden NFL 23 Mobile players.
  • Leagues: If you’re in a League, your entire League transfers over, no matter the size.

What resets is what you can’t take with you into the new season or where you’ll have to start from scratch.

  • Player OVR: Player OVR (Overall Rating) resets to the new Madden NFL 23 Mobile OVR tuning system. While this may affect your current player ratings going into the new season, you can always trade in any affected players for new Madden NFL 23 Mobile player packs and other resources, like Uncommon Coins (a new currency earned in Field Pass).
  • Iconics: All updated Iconics (Base, Elite, Marvel) players will convert into a single Iconic rarity with escalating starting OVRs based on their previous tier.

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Weights are a new currency in Madden NFL 23 Mobile. 

  • Earn Weights through Arena and Leagues.
  • Get Weights by trading in players and resources.
  • Buy Weights in the store with Madden Cash.

The Weight Room

  • Exchange Weights and Coins for a limited-time OVR boost, then use these OVR boosts to get an edge in your chosen playstyle.
  • You can use the Weight Room to get enough OVR advantage to tick off OVR requirements in Journeys and Seasonal Events.

Daily arena

Take control of your own progress in the game with a new progression system based on performance as you go. More appropriate OVRs per tier will improve matchmaking and boost the mode’s competitive feel.

Unlimited arena

Unlimited arena is introducing some changes in Madden NFL 23 Mobile with Team and Player OVR restrictions. Teams can now be restricted by team-wide and individual player OVR. 

There are now three tiers with a total of 50 reward milestones for you to earn Weights as you play: 

  • 2700 Team Max (115 Individual)
  • 3500 Team Max (150 Individual)
  • 4250 Team Max (No Individual)

Your progress counts towards all 50 milestones, no matter which tier you’re playing in, and the milestones reset each week.


  • League size is now limited to 20 members, meaning more Leagues across the game and more competition.
  • If your League was larger than 20 members in Madden NFL 22 Mobile, it stays intact and transfers over fully into the new season, but you won’t be able to add any new members until you’re below 20.
  • The League Store is back, replacing the Championship Store. Your specific League placement in League Vs. League will influence what offers and rewards you’ll see in the store.
  • Weekly League Achievements is also back to give you the chance to get Weights by increasing OVR in the Weight Room.

League Vs. League

  • Each LVL season now lasts seven days: Leagues are now promoted or demoted into different Tiers, earning Weights depending on their relative performance over seven days. The points you and your League earn over seven matches determine which tier you end up in on the leaderboard.
  • The number of Weights a League gets depends on the total points racked up, how many game wins you had, and which tier you finish in on the Leaderboard.
  • As a League member, you’re required to play at least 12 drives per week to be eligible for rewards. This may be a challenge if you transfer into Madden NFL 23 Mobile in a League with more than 20 members. Join a new League to get 12 drives more easily.

Madden Base

  • Madden Base replaces the Training Center this season.
  • Complete events that reset throughout the day for rewards such as Players, Training Points, or Coins.


  • Some plays like HB Counter and TE Out have been removed from the game for higher-quality and more balanced matches.
  • The Madden NFL 23 Mobile team looks to your feedback on what plays you’d like to see in the game. Head over to our AHQ community page to share your ideas with the team!

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