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New to Madden NFL 23 Mobile or looking for a skill boost? Check out our guide with tips to take your game to the next level.

Check out the current season's updates and what’s new in Madden NFL 23 Mobile.

Link your account Packs and currencies Game modes Play with friends Manage your lineup Customize your game Stay connected

The first thing you’ll want to do when playing Madden NFL 23 Mobile is link your accounts. This makes sure your progress is always safe and you’ll never lose any game time. To save your progress and play across different devices, connect Madden NFL 23 Mobile to Facebook, Google Play, or Apple ID. 

Missing a reward you earned or something you bought in Madden NFL 23 Mobile? Try our steps here to see if you can find it.

Invest in your Team! Use Madden Cash, Coins, or Gems to buy Packs, or get more bang for your buck when you buy Bundles from the Store.

  • Featured Store shows the hot new offers on Packs, Coins, Items, and Madden Cash. Check out what’s new on the menu.
  • Core Store is where you’ll find Madden Today Packs and Player Packs. This is your go-to, everyday store.

Buy Packs to upgrade your player lineup or collect specific Items to complete Sets and earn better players.

You can also swap players for currency using Item Exchange.

Madden Cash

  • Use Madden Cash to buy Packs, Weights, premium content, and Bundles from the store.
  • Buy Madden Cash using real-world money.

To get Madden Cash:

  1. From the main menu, go to the Store tab.
  2. Click Madden Cash.
  3. Choose the option and amount you want to buy.
  4. Follow the purchasing steps on your device.
  5. You’ll get a notification saying your payment is complete. Please allow up to 24 hours for the purchase to show on your account.
  6. Go to the Madden Cash tab in the Store to see your new balance.

Coins and Gems

  • Use Coins and Gems to buy Packs and players from the store.
  • Earn Coins and Gems by playing Live Events and Head-to-Head matches.


  • Earn Weights through Arena and Leagues.
  • Get Weights by trading in players and resources.
  • Buy Weights in the store with Madden Cash.

Play by yourself, compete with other players, or join a league and work together as a team. Take a look at what we've added to modes this season here.

Jump to: Madden Base | Journeys | Arena | Leagues | Weight Room

Madden Base

  • If you played the game before this season, you might notice Madden Base feels familiar to Training Center. With fewer currencies than its predecessor, Madden Base keeps it simple and lets you complete events for Players, Training Points, or Coins.
  • Events get more challenging as you play, but this pays off with better rewards as your progress.
  • Read the Gridiron notes on to learn more about Madden Base.


  • Journeys is your go-to stop to collect more rewards as you progress in the game.
  • Meet each Journey’s Team OVR (Overall Rating) requirement and complete the Journey to earn Coins, XP, Training Points, Pro Packs, and even Madden Cash.
  • Journey events unlock as you go, so complete the previous challenge to unlock the next one. Each Journey map has a total of 30 nodes.
  • Read the Gridiron notes on to learn more about Journeys.



  • Join an existing League or create your own! Work as a team sharing gameplay tips to challenge other Leagues and unlock special rewards through League achievements.
  • Invite your friends to join your League and meet them in the field!
  • Read the Gridiron notes on to learn more about Leagues.

The Weight Room

How to invite friends

Create or join a League and invite friends to come along. You just need your friend’s username or Friend ID to invite them to play. To get a Friend ID, your friend will need to link their game to an EA Account by going into their Settings menu, then Link Accounts.

  1. From your Leagues menu, tap Friends on the right side of your screen.
  2. Type in your friend’s username or Friend ID and hit Send Friend Invite.

You can also let your friends know when you’re online by toggling on My Presence in the Friends tab. Turn on Friend Presence to see when your friends are online.

Tap My Team from the top-left menu button to manage your lineup. View your Items under Offense, Defense, and Special.

Want to see what you’ve got? Tap Items in the top-left menu to view your Benched Players, Collectibles, Locker Items, and Unclaimed Items.

Swap out players

When you tap a player in your lineup, you’ll see benched players at the bottom of the screen. Tap and drag a benched player to the Drag & Drop slot to replace an active player.

Boost your skills

Tap a player and use Training Points to boost the player’s level. This action increases their OVR and Attributes. You can also use Coins to boost a player.

  • Available players will be under Offense, Defense, or Special.
  • If there is a player with a higher OVR, a special icon will pop up at the start of each game mode. That player can get a skill boost for the team.

Tap Profile in the top-left menu to change your team, logo and banner, stadium, or uniform.

Customize your team

You don’t have to commit permanently to one team in Madden NFL 23 Mobile. Tap Change Team to pick a different team.

Customize your logo and banner

You can choose your team logo and banner from the options menu after completing Achievements. You can also choose your Facebook profile picture if your game is linked to Facebook.

Customize your stadium

Tap Home Stadium from your Profile menu to change your stadium.

Customize your uniform

Tap Team Uniform from your Profile menu to change your stadium.

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