New to Madden NFL, Field Pass is a reward track available to every player for free in Madden NFL 23. Learn more about the different pass types.

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Madden NFL 23 introduces new features into the game, including the new Field Pass system. Field Pass is a reward track, similar to Battle Pass you see in games like Apex Legends or Battlefield. The more XP you gain, the further you’ll get in Field Pass, and the more rewards you’ll get.

How to progress in Field Pass

You gain XP by playing Madden NFL 23, completing objectives, and improving your skills. Gaining XP will get you to a new level in the Field Pass.

Each Field Pass will come with its own objectives and ways to get more rewards. To complete the objectives, you’ll need to improve different skills to gain the XP needed to advance to a new level. 

Where to find Field Pass and track progress

You can find Field Pass in the Field Pass section of the menu.

The Field Passes tile appears under the Play tab on the Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team menu.

From there, you’ll be able to view all three Field Passes. Each Field Pass has its own objectives, and XP amount needed to progress. You can track your progress in this menu - check your XP progression for each one, and click into a specific Field Pass to see what objectives you still need to complete.

Season Field Pass Milestones tab shows the Daily Tracker and XP stats and progress.

When will I get my Field Pass rewards?

Any reward you earn by progressing in Field Pass will be awarded as soon as you reach the level. If you go from level 9 to level 10, you’ll get the level 10 rewards immediately. To learn more about the rewards, check out the Gridiron Notes about Field Pass.

For Madden NFL 23, there are three different types of Field Pass for you to progress in. Each type has its own objectives, rewards, and timeframes.

Field Pass Select menu showing Season, Competitive, and program-specific Field Pass options.

Season Field Pass

  • Resets with every new MUT season.
  • Has specific objectives that will be added throughout the season.
  • Some objectives can only be completed once.

Competitive Field Pass

  • Focused on competitive modes
    • Modes such as H2H (Head to Head) Seasons, Solo Battles, Squad Seasons, and Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Champions will help you progress.
  • Resets bi-weekly to give you time to collect Field Pass rewards.
  • Rewards include Champs Entry Tokens.

Program-specific Field Pass

  • Changes throughout the year to focus on new challenges.
  • Objectives and challenges will change with each new program.
  • Progress you make in this Field Pass will help you progress in the Season and Competitive Field Passes.

The collectible page shows the Champs Entry Token with neon yellow Champions text atop a trophy icon, with actions and descriptions.

The Competitive Field Pass includes Champs Entry Tokens. In Madden NFL 23, you don’t need to qualify for modes like Solo Battles anymore – you exchange a token for entry instead. You’ll also be able to use these tokens to enter the MUT Champions mode.

A token gets you access to: 

  • 29 games in a week for Solo Battles.
  • 25 games in a week for MUT Champions.

These tokens are kept in your binder, meaning that they never expire. You’ll also can get entry tokens from completing Practice H2H games, reaching a certain level in MUT, or buying them using Coins from the Auction House.

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