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If you’re new to Madden Ultimate Team, or you just want some tips and tricks, start here.

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Madden Ultimate Team (or MUT for short) is a Madden NFL game mode where you can create your dream team. Think about it like Fantasy Football, but you get to control how your team performs throughout the game by playing as them. Play games against other players’ teams to earn coins, go to the Auction House to buy and sell players, and build your Ultimate Team.

Starting out

When you start your MUT team, you’ll have to complete a challenge to unlock your starter team. This team is the base for your Ultimate Team. You’ll be able to play games, and complete challenges to get coins and packs. With those, you can start to build your dream team.

You can change the players in your team as you progress in the Lineup menu. Here you can swap out old players for new ones, and improve your Overall Rating (OVR) and chemistry scores.  Not sure how to make the most of the players you have or need suggestions? Try the Generate Best Lineup option in your Lineup menu.


Chemistry plays an important role in how your team performs. As you’re building your team, you need to consider if the team you’re putting together has good chemistry to gain stat boosts.

  • Team: What team the player plays for in the NFL. You can use multiple teams in your Ultimate Team, and the stat boost will only count for that team. For example, if you’re playing a team with members of the Jets and the Raiders, your Jets players only get the boost that you gain for having multiple Jets players, and same for the Raiders.

There are items that can change the type of chemistry a particular player has, as well as boosting abilities to get your team to the chemistry score you want.

All of these make up part of your team’s OVR, along with how highly rated your players are. The higher the OVR, the better your Ultimate Team.

Once you’re happy with your team, you can start playing against other Madden fans. You’ll also be able to complete challenges to make your team even better. MUT has different game modes, so be sure to try them all out and see which one you like best.

  • Challenges: Looking for more coins or packs? Want to learn new things about the game? Challenges give you objectives geared towards different parts of the game, and reward you when you complete them.
  • Head 2 Head: Play against other MUT teams created by players just like you.
  • Head 2 Head Seasons: Take your MUT team through an entire season.
  • Solo Battles: Pit your team against an AI opponent. Playing this mode will help you progress in the Competitive Field Pass.
  • Play a friend: Have a friend who’s also playing MUT? See how your teams stack up in this mode.
  • MUT Champions: Play 25 games in a week, and collect rewards based on your results. You’ll need a Champs Entry Token to enter, and you can get that by progressing in the Competitive Field Pass.
  • All-Madden Seasons: Once you’ve gained some experience, you can play against other experienced players for more of a challenge.
  • Squad Seasons: Play 2v2 or 3v3 matches with friends with other players online.

Your starting team is good, but you want your Ultimate Team to be great. How do you do that? By making improvements to your team. You can do that in a couple of ways.

  • Completing challenges: Get better players, items, and collect coins by completing challenges.
  • Field Pass: By playing the game and completing objectives, you get rewards that can go towards improving your team. Learn more about the types of Field Passes here.
  • Playing games: The best way to improve is to play games. You’ll learn about what you like to do best, but with rewards like coins and packs, you’ll be able to improve your team just by playing them.
  • Buy packs: You collect coins as you play Madden Ultimate Team, and you can buy them through the Store as well. Coins allow you to buy packs that contain better players, and more items to improve your team. You’ll also be able to use Madden Points to make purchases.
  • Buy players and Items: Maybe you know exactly what items you need to improve your team’s chemistry, or you just want to add your favorite player to the team but haven’t gotten him in a pack. You can buy (and sell) players and items using the Auction House menu.

Want to know more about getting MUT rewards? Check out our article here.

There are a ton of ways you can improve your Ultimate Team. Get tips and tricks and talk to other MUT players on AnswersHQ.

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