Interested in buying NHL® 23 for your system of choice? Unsure what you’ll get with each edition? Learn more here.

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Release date

NHL® 23 is out on October 14, 2022. Depending on which edition you pre-ordered or if you’re an EA Play member, you may get access to the game earlier. See below for what date you’ll be able to hit the ice:

  • EA Play 10-hour trial: October 11, 2022 (available October 10 in certain time zones)
  • X-Factor Edition: October 11, 2022
  • Worldwide Launch: October 14, 2022

Learn more about what benefits come with EA Play, including 10% off your NHL® 23 purchase, on

NHL® 23 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. To buy the game, visit:

  • Purchase tile in NHL® 22 for access to Loyalty rewards


If you pre-ordered NHL® 23, you’ll get your rewards on October 14, 2022.

To know more about what rewards you get with each edition:

  1. Head to
  2. Click on the Buy Now button on the top right.
  3. Select a platform and check out the rewards.

NHL® 23 Loyalty reward

If you’ve played NHL® 22, you’ll be eligible for 10% off of NHL® 23: X-Factor Edition if you pre-ordered the game.

If you’ve played NHL® 22 and you buy NHL® 23: Standard Edition after its launch, you’ll be eligible for a 20% discount and 500 NHL Points. Be sure to buy through the NHL® 22 game menu to get this reward.

Bought X-Factor Edition post launch? You’ll get:

  • 4600 NHL Points
  • 5 World of Chel (WOC) X-Factor Ability Unlocks
  • Be a pro early X-Factor slot unlocks, XP boosts, and bonus trait points

If you’re using a credit card or PayPal, we’ll collect your payment up to seven days before the game launches. Post launch, you'll be charged at the time of your purchase.

For all other payment methods, you’ll be charged as soon as you place your order.

To cancel your pre-order, contact your console’s support for help:

Excited to hit the ice? Get the latest information as soon as we announce it:

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