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If you live in the EU, you can now view all EU stores for the Origin Store both on the web and in the Origin client. Learn how to switch your store here.

The Origin Store auto-detects where you’re located, so you’ll automatically be shown the store for your region. But if you live in the EU and want to see another EU store in Origin, you can switch which country’s store you’re looking at.

To switch which store you’re viewing, change the country in the footer on or at the bottom of the Origin client.

What’s the difference between my “home” and “preferred” stores?

Your home store is for the country where you’re located. So if you live in Denmark, your home store is for Denmark. Please note that Origin does not have a store for all EU countries.

Your preferred store is the country’s store that you have changed to. You can change your preferred store at any time to any of the other EU stores available on Origin.

Note: While you can change your view to browse in another country’s store, you won’t be able to buy anything in the Origin Store until you change back to your home store.

Why can’t I buy something from another store?

To make sure that you get the right version of the game you’re looking to buy, you’ll need to make your purchase in your own country’s store. That way the game will work properly for you, since some games have specific versions by country or region.

You’ll also need to be viewing your own country’s store to:

  • add a game to your library
  • gift a game
  • connect to a Ubisoft account
  • upgrade or downgrade your Origin Access membership
  • redeem codes to your account.

I picked my country, but I’m seeing the store for Ireland. Why’s that?

We don’t have a store for every country in the EU. If you select your country, you may still be redirected to the Irish store to browse and make your purchases. That’s because the Irish store is one of the default stores for Origin in the EU.

Players in Luxembourg

If you live in Luxembourg, you used to use the Belgian storefront. Now, you’ll be redirected to the Irish storefront to make your purchases.

We made this change so you’ll have the ability to buy some products that may no longer be available in Belgium.

If you use a different currency than the Euro, your payment method will convert the price to your currency when you buy something. Please note that your payment method provider may charge you international transaction or currency conversion fees.

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