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Did a lake disappear? Can your friend zoom out further than you can? This is because graphics are optimized differently on mobile devices.

Having your game lag and crash is no fun. We try not to give your phone or tablet too much work to do while you play. We optimize SimCity BuildIt for the best gameplay, so we’re always monitoring the game and making adjustments if needed.

Adjustments? What kind of adjustments are you making?

To keep things running smoothly and continuously bring you new features and updates, we occasionally pare back non-critical elements of the game. These elements can be some of the vehicle animations, minor sound effects, zoom functionality, or background graphics such as trees or the lake you’re missing.

What affects my optimization?

The optimization checklist considers various device stats, such as the screen resolution, processing power, chipset, available internal RAM memory etc.

We use that checklist to give you the best optimization level for your device. If you play on multiple devices, you might notice some differences between them, such as how far you can zoom out, or what animations you see.

Some devices that have great specifications on paper might also use specific hardware (normally the GPU or chipset) which doesn't work so well with our game. We’re always working to improve gameplay so this may improve in the future.

Is there anything I’m doing that affects my game?

Special power modes, like Battery Saver mode, can affect how your device runs SimCity BuildIt. If you use a special power mode, we suggest turning it off while play the game. You can always reactivate that mode when you’re done playing.

Tip: Restart your device regularly. It frees up some RAM memory if things are getting a little slow.

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