Learn about the player rewards you can earn through Galactic Seasons in STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™.

Shadows of the Underworld Frequently asked Questions

In Game Update 6.3, we introduced a new way for you to earn rewards in-game while playing Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

It’s called Galactic Seasons.

The Rewards window in SWTOR showing the Galactic Seasons progress bar.

During each Galactic Season, there are Daily and Weekly Season challenges available, complete these to earn points to progress along your reward path and unlock rewards.

You’ll see an overview of your progress on Seasons Objectives in the Galactic Seasons window, and more details are available on the Seasons tab of the Conquest window in your Mission Log.

To track your progress:

  1. Open your Mission Log (press [L] by default)
  2. Click on the Conquest tab.
  3. Click on Season Objectives.

SWTOR Conquest tab in the Mission Log showing your progress on Season Objectives.

Once you’ve completed your 7 Weekly Objectives, any remaining Weekly Objectives will be greyed out until the following Tuesday when the next Seasons week starts.

If you’re a Subscriber, you earn the rewards from both the Free and the Subscriber paths - as long as your Subscription is active through the end of the Season.

If you’re not a Subscriber you earn the rewards from the Free path only.

Rewards include a new Companion, Cartel Coins, and Galactic Season Tokens which can be used to purchase additional items including a new Galactic Stronghold. Once you’ve unlocked and claimed your reward it’s available to every character in your Legacy through Collections.

Here’s a breakdown of reward types and how they’re awarded:

Reward type

Binds to

In Collections?

Galactic Seasons token



Cartel Coins






Items from Galactic Seasons Vendor



Cartel crates

Bind on pick-up - once opened items go into Cartel Stash

Yes - as soon as one of your Characters uses an item, it’s added to Collections. The only exception here is any Decorations that came from the crate.

Seasonal weapons



Seasonal armor



Seasonal decoration



Seasonal title



Because we know many of you can’t play every day, we’ve also made it possible to catch up on rewards you missed using Credits, or skip ahead and unlock higher tier rewards using Cartel Coins.

In Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Legacy of the Sith, we’re kicking off our second Galactic Season, Shadows of the Underworld. 

This Season, you’ll meet and be able to recruit a new companion, Zen Feil. You’ll also be able to earn Reputation with Zen’s organization, the Shadow Syndicate. Hand in any Underworld Syndicate Plans that you earn to the Shadow Syndicate representative in Lucent Square on the Lower Promenade on Nar Shaddaa.

You can also boost your earnings of Underworld Syndicate Plans by trading a substantial amount of Jawa Junk to the Informative Jawa in the Cartel Market area of your Fleet. The Jawa will give you Jawa Intel in return. Activate that and it’ll increase the amount of Underworld Syndicate Plans you earn for a period of time. Mouse over the tooltip for the boost once you’ve applied it to see how much time is left on it.

Jaleit Nall and Ki’at Thavo are back with an array of goods to help you spend your Seasons Tokens, and Jaleit has some new inventory you might want to check out. 

We’ve taken all your feedback from our first Galactic Season (The Stranger from Kubindi), and made some changes to how things work this Season:

  • All players now have the same 10 Weekly Objectives to choose from.
  • You only need to complete 7 of these Weekly Objectives and one Daily Objective in any week.
  • Daily Objectives now involve earning a small amount of Personal Conquest points.

We made these changes to make sure you can progress in Seasons while playing your favorite parts of the game, even if you have a limited amount of time to play each week.

Where do I find my rewards?

In the Galactic Seasons window, click the Claim button above any reward you’ve earned to add it to your inventory.

Why do the Catch-up with Credits costs keep increasing?

If we charged a flat rate for Catch-ups, buying them all at the end of a Season would be easy, and would cheapen the work other players put into earning their rewards. Having Catch-ups priced on a sliding scale means it won’t cost you a lot of Credits if you need to buy a few of them, but should make buying them all an expensive proposition.

Do the Unlock with Cartel Coin prices increase too?

No, these prices are static. Even so, skipping ahead more than a few rewards would end up incurring a significant fee in Cartel Coins.

How come I can only buy one Stronghold per season?

There’s a limited amount of Galactic Seasons Tokens available to any Legacy, by design. We feel that Galactic Strongholds should be seen as a top tier reward, and making them both available in a Season didn’t match up with that.

If I upgrade to a Subscriber account during a Season, do I get the Subscriber rewards too?

Yes. You may need to log out of the game and back in again after you subscribe, but any rewards you would have earned on the Subscriber path will be there for you to claim.

What happens if I transfer a character during a Galactic Season?

Your Galactic Seasons rewards, except for Cartel Coins, are tied to your Legacy. If you move from one server to another, you’re also moving from one Legacy to another. Any rewards your character has claimed will stay with them through a transfer, but their unspent Galactic Seasons tokens and their Season progression will not.

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