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Find out how closely linked your SW:TOR and EA Accounts are.

Your SW:TOR account is linked to an EA Account, but not as tightly linked as it was in the past. 

We used to automatically create and link an EA Account under the same email address you used when you created your SW:TOR account. 

Here’s what you need to know about EA and SW:TOR account linking today:

  • You can now have different email addresses and passwords on your SW:TOR account and your linked EA Account, and can manage them independently of one another.
  • This especially matters if you have other games on the linked EA Account.   

Changing your SW:TOR account email address or password doesn’t change that information on your EA Account like it used to.

  • The linked EA Account doesn’t share an email address with your SW:TOR account at all. 
  • If you already had an EA Account, even if you used the same email address for SW:TOR, that account is completely separate from your SW:TOR account.

We made these changes to help increase the security of your accounts, so re-linking them or changing which accounts are linked is not possible.

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