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Madden NFL uses several game files, which are regularly updated and re-downloaded in the background. Sometimes one of these files may download with a minor corruption.

A corrupted game file in Madden NFL may cause issues such as freezing, disconnections, trouble matchmaking, or an error when you try to access your files. This can sometimes be fixed by deleting the game files, and allowing the game to automatically redownload them.

Only do this if you absolutely need to. You can lose all your saved data including any offline Franchise leagues.

  1. Open Madden NFL and go to the main in-game menu.
  2. Go to Rosters and Playbooks > Share and Manage Files > Load and Delete Files to bring up the game's file list.
  3. Delete the files under Profile and Roster.
    • Remember that deleted Franchise files can’t be recovered.
  4. Log completely out of Madden and then load the game again to see if the issue is fixed.

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