If you think your EA Account was hacked, these steps may help secure it again.

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If you think your EA Account was hacked, first try logging into your account where you play and checking for missing content, like in-game packs, tokens, and coins.

If you can't log in and you're missing content, get in touch with us.

A coral play icon.Use our video guide to secure your account if you can still access it.

Or, follow our steps below:

If you play EA games on more than one platform, make sure you follow the steps for all platforms that you use.

Go to this page to contact us. From there, scroll down to Still need help to see the available contact method.

Make sure to have the following information ready when you reach out to us.

  • The email address you used to make your EA Account.
  • Any usernames or console IDs (e.g., Xbox Live Gamertags or PlayStation™ Network Online IDs) connected to your EA Account.
  • Any invoice numbers from games you’ve bought from our store or product codes for your games.

Make sure to check if you’re missing any content in your game. If you are, follow our steps below.

Need to change your email address?

If you’ve updated the email address on your EA Account within the last 30 days, our advisors won’t be able to update it to a new one. However, they can change your email address back to an old one that was previously associated with your account.

Learn more about updating your EA Account information.

If you’re missing content in-game on your mobile or console, try our steps to recover missing in-game content.

If that doesn’t help, head to this page to get in touch with us. From there, scroll down to Still need help and select the available contact option. If you need help with a mobile game, make sure you have your mobile ID.

If you're missing content after a hack, we may not be able to help you recover your content. Also, if we find that your account has broken any rules, we can’t help recover any lost items.

To help keep anyone from accessing your account again, use our steps to make your account more secure.

  1. Clear your browser cache.
    • This deletes saved web info that can include old passwords.
  2. Reset your EA Account password.
    • Choose a strong, unique password that uses a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  3. Reset the password for the email address you use on your EA Account.
  4. Turn on EA Login Verification as an extra security step.
    • This will send you a code to confirm your identity when a new device tries to log in to your EA Account.

Once you’ve successfully completed these steps, your account should be secure. Keep monitoring your account for suspicious activity and contact us if something doesn’t look right.

Do you play STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™?

Follow our steps to contact SW:TOR support to help secure your account.

Most EA games you play on console require you to log in to your EA Account at least once. Make sure to resecure your EA Account from a PC by following the steps above.

You’ll also want to secure your console accounts again. Reset your PlayStation™ Network Online ID, Xbox Live Gamertag, or Nintendo Account password.

If you think someone hacked your EA mobile game, the first thing to do is update the account that it’s linked to (on Facebook, Google Play, or your Apple ID).

If you play The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Scrabble, or Plants vs Zombies Heroes, your game links to your EA Account to back up your saves and progress. Follow these steps to update your EA Account.

Can EA access my linked accounts?

When you connect your mobile account with your Facebook, Google Play, or Game Center account, your login information from your connected accounts never reaches our servers. Your login credentials aren’t visible to anyone, including anyone here at EA.

Never give your Facebook, Google Play, or Game Center username or password to anyone. We’ll never ask for your password.

Learn more about phishing and how to avoid it.

My mobile game isn’t linked to an account

If you don’t have your game linked to an account, your progress is saved on your mobile device. If anything’s missing or has been changed, then someone else has accessed the device you’re playing on.

Make sure you’re the only one with access to your device by locking your screen using a PIN, your fingerprint, or facial recognition.

We also recommend linking your mobile account to keep your progress backed up.

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