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Helpful info about using Origin with Battlefield 3.

What is Origin?

Origin brings an entire universe of EA games into a single, convenient application. It lets you purchase, download and play your favorite games, any time and any place you want.  It also integrates social features such as profiles, friends lists and chat so you can effortlessly connect and play with your friends. It is a website where you can browse and pre-order games, as well as a desktop application that is the hub of your PC game-playing experience, from purchase to download to play.

Where do I get Origin?   

Visit the Origin website to buy and pre-order games and download the latest version of the Origin application for your desktop.

Is Origin required to play Battlefield 3?

On Windows PC, yes. Most new Windows PC games from EA benefit from enhanced features provided by Origin being integrated into the games. For games with Origin integrated, PC players will be required to log-in to Origin to play to get the best possible experience with the full set of online features; to connect and play with friends, get help when you need it, and keep the game updated with the latest content. Whether you purchase the game on, from another site for digital downloads, or as a physical disc from a retail store, new games will require you to have Origin installed to play. If you didn’t buy your game on Origin, Origin will be included in the installer for the game.

When playing games offline, Origin log-in will not be required to play. For older EA catalog games, Origin is not required to play — though we recommend you use the Origin application for fast, seamless downloads, auto-patching, and additional social features.

Will 'stand alone' PC patches be made available? Can I patch without using Origin?

Patches will only be made available through Origin. We believe you'll find it's a streamlined and better experience.

Why is my Origin ID also my in-game soldier name? Can I change it?       

A key part of the Battlefield 3 experience are the social features and ranking provided by Battlelog. In order to keep things clear between your identity on Battlelog, your Origin friends list, and your in-game identity, the game uses your Origin ID as your soldier name. This ensures that the players you socialize with in Battlelog are identifiable in-game. You can change your Origin ID here.

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