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If you’re new to FIFA Ultimate Team, use our guide to learn how to build and improve your team with FUT Items, play competitive modes to get rewards, and earn FUT Coins.

About FUT Build your team Improve your team Competitive modes Coins

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is a mode that lets you build your dream squad. Play matches to earn FUT Coins, use the Transfer Market to buy and sell Player Items, and create your Ultimate Team to make your mark on the pitch.

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Keep these things in mind as you set your team up for success:

  • Pick a nation: Choose a nation to determine your initial squad composition.
  • Choose your loan Player: You get to pick a star Player to join your squad for a limited number of matches.
  • Select jerseys and a team badge: Get your starting 11 kitted out in style to stand out from the competition.
  • Decide your formation: Whether you go for the old-faithful 4-2-2 or want to give power to your wingers with a 4-3-2-1 formation, the possibilities are endless. Think about what Players you have available and how to play to their strengths. If you’re unsure, try a few different formations and see how you get on.

Maximize your team’s chemistry

Teams with more Player compatibility perform better, regardless of individual Player stats.

Put Players in their home position, and make sure there are league, Club, or national teammates in your lineup. Watch the red, yellow, and green lines between them.

  • Green: The highest level of Chemistry two players can have with each other, which means they'll play well together.
  • Yellow: Players have some things in common, so they'll play alright together.
  • Red: The lowest level of Chemistry two players can have with each other, so they won't play as well together.

Example Squad team chemistry with red and yellow lines between the players.

Chemistry points: Get chemistry points by paying attention to the real-world connections in your lineup.

Player connections

Points you get

Players who play in the same league


Players who share a nationality


Players who play in the same league and are the same nationality


Players who play in the same Club


Check out our article on FUT Chemistry to read more about how Chemistry works.

FIFA Ultimate Team Items are the best way to improve your team. Items can range from Player Items, Club and Stadium customization Items, Managers, to Consumables.

Having trouble finding your in-game Players, Packs, FIFA Points, Twitch Drops, and more? Try our steps to find missing Items.

How do I get FUT Items?

Playing FUT is the best way of earning FUT Items.

There are five ways to get Items in FIFA Ultimate Team:

FUT Items from Transfer Market

You can use filters to find the exact Item you’re looking for based on a number of attributes. Pay the Buy Now price to secure your new Player immediately, or bid against other Players. You can also buy and bid for different Item types, like Staff, Club Items, and Consumables.

Transfer Market prices are subject to gameplay context and a variety of factors. Whether a Player Item is expensive or not depends primarily on their rarity, overall power, and the current context within the game.

Here’s what can influence Player Item prices on the Transfer Market:

  • Rating: The higher a Player is rated, the more expensive their Item may be.
  • Item rarity: Items that appear less often in Packs tend to cost more.
  • Pace: Faster Players could cost more FUT Coins.
  • Nationality/League: Players from the top European leagues may be more expensive. The same applies for certain nationalities, like Brazil, France, and Germany, because of how Chemistry works in FUT.
  • Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs): If SBCs require certain Players, they will likely cost more.
  • Limited-time Items and Live Items: These Items could cost more because they’re harder to get.
  • Objectives: If a specific Player is needed to complete an Objective, they may be more expensive.

FUT Items from Packs in the FUT Store

Examples of the base, rare, and special FUT Items from packs.

To help you make good investments for your team, the FUT Store lets you check out your chances of getting specific types of Player Items and their minimum ratings (OVR) in every Pack before you commit to one. You’ll see Show Pack Probabilities under every Pack in the FUT Store.

How it works:

  • Player Items are categorized by Quality (Special, Gold, Silver, or Bronze) and rating (OVR).
  • The percentages (%) that you see show the minimum probability that you’ll get one or more Players in the corresponding Item type and OVR range.
  • In some Packs, the probability of getting special Player categories, such as Ones to Watch, may be less than 1%.
  • Opening multiple Packs doesn’t increase your chances of getting an Item of a certain type or rating. Percentages are calculated on a Pack-by-Pack basis.
  • Probability numbers may change throughout the Season as live updates and new Items are added to FUT. The timestamp at the bottom of the Show Pack Probabilities screen can give you an idea of the accuracy of the current numbers.

In Form Player Items

In Form Player Items, also called Team of the Week (TOTW), are special versions of Player Items that have better stats than their regular versions. They’re available for a short time in Packs throughout the year.

Team of the Week (TOTW)

Each week, FIFA Ultimate Team forms a TOTW with the best Players from international and Club leagues who performed well the previous week. These Players have higher stats and OVR ratings based on their real-world performance over the past week.

TOTW Items are available by chance in Packs, and there’s no guarantee that every Pack will have TOTW Items.

For more information on TOTW and other Special Items, check out the Item Guide on

What are Consumable Items?

Consumables are Items that can boost, change, or add a feature to Player or Manager Items. They are categorized in tiers: Gold, Silver, and Bronze, which can affect how difficult it is to get them as rewards.

Consumable Items can be:

  • Contracts: Increase the number of contracts a Player or Manager has.
  • Positioning: Change a Player’s position.
  • Manager Leagues: Change a Manager’s league.
  • Healing: Decrease the duration of a Player’s injuries.
  • Chemistry Styles: Boost a Player’s Attributes based on the Team’s Chemistry.

Consumables can be found in Packs, earned as rewards, or bought in the Transfer Market. As long as Consumable Items are marked tradeable, they can be traded on the Transfer Market.

Dive into one of the competitive modes in FUT to show your skills and compete with other players on the pitch.

Division Rivals

The Division Rivals tile appears in the Play tab in-game.

This is the all-week-round mode that can be played Solo or Co-Op.

  • Win matches to increase your Skill Rating and Division, and earn FUT Champions Qualification Points based on the Division you’re playing in.
  • Every Thursday morning, you get a choice of rewards based on your finishing position for that week: FUT Coins and tradeable and untradeable Packs.
  • For a closer look at Division Rivals, check out our deep-dive article.

FUT Champions

The FUT Champions tile appears in the Play tab in-game.

FUT Champions is a competition to test your skills in the Play-Offs and the Finals. To gain access, you must first qualify by earning Champions Qualification Points in Division Rivals.

  • Play-Offs: Progress through a limited number of games on your own time and earn points toward Champions Ranks and Rewards.
    • If you earn enough points, you’ll qualify for the Finals and unlock a Finals Qualification Token.
  • Finals: The Qualification Token lets you join the Finals on your own schedule, but please note that the Finals take place on weekends.
    • Finish all your matches to get your rewards immediately. If you still have matches to play, you’ll get your rewards at the end of the competition, and where you finish will determine what rewards you’ll get.
  • For a closer look at FUT Champions, check out our deep-dive article.

Squad Battles

The Squad Battles tile appears in the Play tab in-game.

In Squad Battles, you can take on AI-controlled squads to earn Battle Points, move up the leaderboards, and earn FUT Coins and Packs.

Ultimate Draft

The Online Draft or Ultimate Draft tile appears in the Play tab in-game.

Ultimate Draft lets you draft your team to challenge other players in up to four matches to earn rewards. To enter Ultimate Draft mode, you need an Ultimate Draft Token or you can use Coins or FIFA Points.

  • You can play Ultimate Draft online against other players or AI-controlled opponents.
  • Choose from five different formations, pick your Captain, and choose the best fit for each position on your team from a five-Player draw.
  • Once you’ve finished drafting your 23-Player squad, you’ll be able to move Players around to improve Chemistry.
  • The more wins you get, the better the rewards, but as soon as you lose a match, you’re eliminated from the mode.
  • Check out this article if you lost your Ultimate Draft Token.

To earn FUT Coins in FIFA Ultimate Team, complete challenges and Objectives, play competitive modes, and sell Items.

We have rules in place that make sure FIFA players are earning and using FUT Coins fairly. Check out what you need to know to avoid being banned from the game.

The trick to earning FUT Coins in FIFA Ultimate Team is learning the Market to understand how supply and demand affects FUT Item prices. Knowing when to buy low and sell high will help you use your Coins more efficiently.

Try some of these tips:

  • Go small to go big: If you’re a beginner, start trading with less expensive Player Items while you’re still learning the Transfer Market and its patterns.
  • Sell any Consumables you don’t use: Stay tuned to the going price and relist your Consumables until they sell.
  • Complete Objectives: Watch out for new weekly Objectives that can reward you with tradeable Packs, FUT Coins, and Coin boosts. Collect your rewards in the Objectives menu.
  • Play Division Rivals and Squad Battles: These are excellent modes to play to collect weekly FUT Coins. The better you perform, the more Coins you’ll get, so they’re worth your time even if your skills still need some work.

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