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Think your account was locked, banned, or suspended by mistake? Let us know so we can help.

Go to My Ban History to view more info on and dispute your active locks, bans, and suspensions.

Think your account was hacked?  Follow our steps to help re-secure your account before you contact us.

Let us know if you think the lock, ban, or suspension on your EA Account (or one of the platform accounts that’s linked to it) was a mistake:

  1. Click Contact Us
  2. Sign in to your EA Account that has the lock, ban, or suspension, if you haven’t already.
  3. Click the plus sign in the Email section to fill out our webform and give us the details about your lock, ban, or suspension.

We’ll ban players who break our User Agreement. If you’ve got a lock, ban, or suspension on your EA Account, for a specific game, or for your device, we’ll notify you via email. Check your email for more details. You may get a message from This is our official email account, so make sure you add it to your contact list.

FIFA players: remember to follow our guidelines for FUT Coins and Points, and know the rules for FIFA so your account isn't banned or suspended.

EA’s Positive Play Charter is at the heart of our rules. The Rules of Conduct in our User Agreement expect that players don’t:

  • improperly use in-game support or complaint buttons
  • make false reports to EA staff.

We want to help all our players as efficiently as possible, so please make sure you only contact us with genuine challenges. Disagreeing with a suspension or ban when you break the rules is not fair play. Please review the rules, then contact us if you still believe you haven’t broken them.

Put this info in the case description:

  • Your username.
    • This is your EA ID, PlayStation™Network Online ID, Xbox Live gamertag, EA mobile game-specific User ID, or game-specific username.
    • Your Answers HQ username is the same as your EA ID, but your username for a game-specific forum, like The Sims, can be different. Make sure you give us your username and the specific forum and what language it’s in when you reach out to us.
    • Need help finding your mobile User ID? Learn how to find your ID for the mobile games you play.
  • Email address that's on your locked, banned, or suspended EA Account.
    • If you're playing a mobile game, your email address may not be linked to it. Email us using an email address that's linked to an EA Account so you can get more information.
  • Detailed info that includes any error or notification messages that you saw.
    • Tell us what’s going on and why we need to take another look at the action that we took on your account.

Check out the How EA bans and suspensions work article for more info what’s going on with your account and what you can do about it.

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Was this article helpful?

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